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  2. Which two players are we gonna get on loan then? Tuanzebe and ?
  3. Beach Volleyball surely?
  4. Dokko

    Stag Ideas

    You don't want to be going to Liverpool for a Stag. Mates were down there last weekend and got turned away from most places and they were in smaller groups, not dressed up and all 40 years old.
  5. I actually don't agree with the assumption that the Saudis will walk away. Where to? If they really believe the PL is the vehicle for their sports branding, then they aren't going to get any joy at another club now either, doesn't matter if it's Man U or Liverpool. They could go to Italy or France, but with their money they could do all that and keep their hat in the ring for NUFC as well. Buying into the PL will be a long term project for them, a few more delays will probably be taken on the chin. That said, if they are led to believe there's no way in, then they will
  6. Only club not to make a first team signing in the PL
  7. Learn from Bruce or Vieira? Tough decisions unless you like to 'run around'
  8. That works out for us as well since we aren't interested in good players in any case. Have you seen what they're going for?
  9. Of course we also have to factor in that any good player won't want to come here unless we offer them silly money anyway.
  10. And all the lovely money we're saving for the winter window.
  11. We probably need a couple of fullbacks, two CMs and two strikers to have a competent PL squad. It’s mad that the season starts in 2 weeks Definitely haven’t ever felt so removed from it or paid less attention to what’s coming up.
  12. I agree but I’m sure they could manufacture another Farage maybe in a slightly different guise but the effect can be the same. Also, the inordinate amount of press these people get plays a major role.
  13. Very newsworthy Dynamite last night. Shocked at the outcome of the 10 man tag (very good match). Main event was crazy.
  14. How much of a joke is it, btw, that we've not got sights on another striker? After Wilson - who will get injured - there's one and a half senior strikers in the squad, with a total of 11 goals between them in the last two full seasons. For all Carroll was completely finished, he still gave relief to the actual strikers on 43 occasions across those two seasons (almost entirely from the bench, obviously). That's a fairly important resource when you consider fitness. I mean literally just go and get anyone. Only got a few hundred grand to spend? Fine, whatever! You could
  15. Big Steve's bashing away didn't help then
  16. But made in Chinese sweat shops by kids on less then 50 pence a day….
  17. Will never understand why'd you bother engaging in a topic you 'know' to be false.
  18. Looks like Gallagher on loan to palace
  19. HTT II

    Alan Shearer

    We are the most forward thinking team in Europe, we are not the biggest or most successful team… YET. That ambition man!
  20. BlueStar

    Stag Ideas

    It's a bit of a cliche by now
  21. Today
  22. Froggy

    Stag Ideas

    Benitez in an Everton jersey.
  23. High hopes anyway. He'll hopefully go out on loan this year.
  24. that I agree with. I’m very bitter towards the ‘big 6’ and the PL now
  25. joeyt

    Tokyo 2020

    Think women's hockey has the highest percentage of attractive females
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