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  1. Cajun

    Your Pet Hates

    One of my autocorrects (in English is 'Ok a')
  2. Just pulled something absolutely rank from my throat
  3. Did we seriously just sign the lad in case Colo fucked off?
  4. Cajun


    my account keeps logging itself out
  5. http://i60.tinypic.com/182e89.jpg
  6. The missus has gone postal this weekend so it looks like I'll be staying in bed on here, sorry.
  7. Cajun

    Job stuff

    Congrats GM
  8. Cajun

    Remy Cabella

    I hope Capella is more of a winger tbh. Couldn't handle Sissoko & Gouffran on the wings again.... Awful. Gouffran should be played as a striker only, I don't care if he is backup (although I would play him ahead of Cisse). He played at Bordeaux for a while as a wide player and was pretty bang average, he was moved up front and started banging them away. He has come here and we've practically played him as a second full back. Complete waste.
  9. Still can't see him ever playing regularly for a big club. He's a brilliant player but no-one seems to want him, he clearly isn't wanted here but there doesn't seem to be a sniff despite someone probably being able to pick him up for a quarter of his worth. Such a wasted talent.
  10. Was that the Roeder saga? My word, that was ridiculous. People are always on about Dirk Kuyt (it was before my time on here) but I swear Brett Emerton was worse. Felt like I read about that link every day in the Journal for about 3 years. Then he signed for Blackburn. Good shout,
  11. Saviola? We seemed to have an interest in him forever.
  12. Pretty sure I have no pics of me in black and white
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