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  1. The three of them would be level on points with the sides in 13th, 14th and 16th had we beaten them of course. Yup those using their current positions (which could easily change after a few games) are just clutching at straws to defend Hughton. Like I said, it's not their positions (now or after a few matches) that matters, but whether we should be at least drawing if not beating them at home given the players in the respective teams. Most fans (Newcastle and neutral) would expect the answer to be yes Or half time scores in the case of Blackpool the other night.
  2. The three of them would be level on points with the sides in 13th, 14th and 16th had we beaten them of course.
  3. Sounds about right. As mentioned, SSN clearly advertised coverage earlier but perhaps it's just going to be video of the same stuff. Probably filmed it a fortnight ago man.
  4. Fuck's sake. Press conference not on TV, most of the newspapers banned from the club anyway. It's pretty much going to be Llambias (maybe), Pardew & a couple of people from .co.uk firing the pre-arranged questions isn't?
  5. I know exactly what you mean. I always wondered the same about Shearer taking the 8 games on then wanting to stay on, and whether he'd spoken to Keegan before taking it on. I suppose being local & wanting to save us would be the difference.
  6. I assumed he'd just c+p'd it? I'm pretty sure he's said before that he does match reports too.
  7. Mort's indecision and mismanagement of the Keegan situation started the rot, long before Llambias set about compounding it. Anyway this discussion can probably wait for another day.
  8. Not sure why Allardyce would have a problem with Llambias? But anyway, as others have said, he's nothing more than a mouthpiece IMO. The shots are called by Ashley. Didn't Llambias not come to the club until after Allardyce left? Exactly. Mort sacked him. Now there's someone who gets away without enough criticism.
  9. So basically saying we're trying our best not to get him, while at the same time saying getting him would be a bad thing. Sunday papers man
  10. You'd like to think they realise a manager with "more experience" will cost more money.
  11. If this is happening, it needs to be done before the weekend.
  12. I got a text from my ex saying she got her clit pierced. Bigger cunt than Ashley?
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