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  1. Mowen


    Wonderful guy. Heartbreaking news. RIP big man.
  2. Appreciate I’m late to the party, but what a great post this is. Well in, Wull.
  3. Can someone recommend me a tablet? Will be mainly for work. Normally I'd get an iPad as I have an iPhone but reasons against are: price, desire to try a different OS and my lack of willingness to spend more money on an apple product given the batteries on my phone is always worse that useless after 18 months. Like the look of a pixel C but no fingerprint would genuinely annoy me. Tips?
  4. Mowen


    I'm going in a couple of weeks, not sorted itinerary yet. Was thinking Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto-Horishima-Kanazawa. Any specific must dos? Worth shoehorning Osaka in (or doing a day trip from Kyoto)? Can't wait
  5. Saw Arcade Fire at a tiny venue in Bethnal Green tonight. Incredible.
  6. Didn't the Arsenal fans give him dogs abuse throughout the game ? I know he has a twat to them and the fans were right to have a go at him and he had just as much right to rub their face in it after scoring. Casual racism throughout no?
  7. They're fecking impossible to control as well. He never passes it on the bloody ground. Takes all pace out of the game and relies on Walker doing something brilliant.
  8. Can't believe the praise for Rooney on tele. Thought he was rank. Cracking save from the keeper papered over fact that was a fucking sitter from about 15 yards an'all.
  9. Thought Giroud's goal was a foul to be honest, he elbowed the Goalie's arm out of the way which made it almost impossible to catch. Probably wrong as nobody else seemed to mention it but looked obvious from the slo-mo. Desperately wanted it disallowed so my Razvan Rat FGS bet could still come in mind.
  10. I had £2 on Nani to win the golden boot. I mean, I know, Nani, but Portugal's group is shit. It was 1000/1.
  11. Mowen

    Alan Shearer

    Panicked earlier today and bought a euro 96 kit with Shearer on the back. Think it was the right move. This comes hot on the heels of wearing the 96/97 shearer kit around the house all day on Sunday, constantly smashing a penny blaster at the walls and shouting SHEARER every time I did it. Granted I was in a state then but not sure I'm all there at the moment tbh
  12. Mowen


    It's genuinely paradise. (If you ignore political crap). Yep, it's amazing. Everything on one small island. The central hilly part was my favourite.
  13. Mowen


    Depends what you want really. Ohrid was pretty but a bit boring. Skopje was a cracking night out. I was away with 4 mates mind so depends what you fancy.
  14. I'm pretty sure I remember you admitting you'd been proved wrong on him that season as well mind.
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