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    PC gaming

    If it's a pciexpress card you have in, take it out and run on the integrated graphics if you have it on the main board.

    PC gaming

    Is the motherboard on the latest bios? I had no issues with win 7 with my new motherboard but with 10 it hung like a bitch all the time. Got a beta version of their latest bios and not had an issue since.

    PC gaming

    If it's a dual channel kit I'd drop it to a single stick, then swap them out individually. Have you got any temperature measurements?

    PC gaming

    What's the Motherboard? And what ram kit are you running and the frequency?
  5. This worth getting an Xbox one X for? Kids want one for Christmas, so I'd get this for me if so. Have a PC but I like being slumped in front of the TV.
  6. What button combo is the cock block again?
  7. Always been a bit of a shit so should do well.
  8. Not me this time. Mrs had left one in our ensuite toilet from last night. Couldn't see it initially as I had sleep in my eyes. Anyway, once the bubbles subsided, there it was, lurking like a nile crocodile! Five full flushes later and the bastard still wouldn't retreat. Called her upstairs and left her to tackle the beast alone. I asked if she had an epidural first.
  9. Buy wank and that's what you get. 10

    Rafa BenĂ­tez

    Ouch. Nee come back from that.
  11. Those Tennant's cans have gotta go somewhere.
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