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  1. Anyone else even slightly nervous?
  2. Syrette

    Ryan Taylor/Nolan

    No, but Ashley think they are. Ashley isn't a manager. You might want to aim your blame at the men who decided to bring them in.
  3. Syrette

    Ryan Taylor/Nolan

    http://www.newcastle-online.org/nufcforum/index.php/topic,59766.240.html "Trust me, he's no better than Nicky Butt." Someone get this guy a medal.
  4. Loven isn't a midfielder though. Alright then, he's not an out and out striker, that's what I was getting at. Imo the only midfielder we've got who can split a defence and create something is Barton. Without him our central midfield is at best hard working and at worst totally ineffective. Guthrie is a decent workhorse who would be a good squad player (in a decent squad) and Guttierez, for all his hard work, lacks any sort of end product - well at least he had done so far this season. Agreed, I didn't mention Barton because he's been out injured.
  5. It's been one of the problems, without a doubt.
  6. Loven isn't a midfielder though. Alright then, he's not an out and out striker, that's what I was getting at.
  7. We have but 3 midfielders genuinely capable of providing anything, and even then they're very hit and miss - Gutierrez, Guthrie and Lovenkrands. More miss than hit at the moment. The rest are woeful consistently. Is it any real surprise our strikers aren't scoring much? Owen and Martins sadly aren't capable of producing much real threat from deep, so we need the midfield to improve drastically.
  8. Exactly! Some of our fans seem to have a problem understanding that the midfield's role is not only to attack, but also to help defend. And they're useless in that regard, save for the odd intervention from Jonas. The defenders have far too much work to do, makes me appreciate Bassong even more, but also understand why Coloccini is having such a hard time of it at the moment. No I'm not excusing him, but it can't be helping at all.
  9. iirc, the Deportivo fans were apparently glad to get rid. You recall incorrectly then.
  10. Where? On the bench? I wouldn't have started Guthrie myself after his time out injured. I'll be livid if I see Butt in the next line-up though.
  11. Predictions anyone? I'm going for 2-1 Chelsea, as much as I'd love a win. Heart says we'll get one, head sadly doesn't.
  12. Still a bit annoyed Smith makes the bench at all, and that Xisco doesn't. Aside from that, not much I disagree with.
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