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    I don't come on to post now, but saw this on Facebook and didn't feel that was the place to comment. He was a great guy, I have a lot of respect for the way he seemed to handle the challenges life threw at him. I met him a few times through work over the years and exchanged occasional messages with him. I remember the first time I met him, one of my colleagues informed me the next patient was a bit deaf but was 'really good craic' - and then LBW almost fell into the room and I had to not look like a weird dweeb meeting an internet celebrity at work . My thoughts are with his family and Ben.
  2. Apparently the Mara demon is still in the game and they're selling a model... it's 40cm long. https://www.vg247.com/2017/03/30/persona-5-demon-lord-mara-statue-is-literally-a-giant-penis/
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    Having been carless for over 3 years I recently purchased a 65 plate 2 litre mx 5 (in black as I've calmed down since my green scirocco days ). I've never gotten on with the looks of the MX 5 but this one looks fantastic and feels like nothing else you can buy (the gearshift is absolutely tremendous). It doesn't automatically lock itself when you hit 10mph though. 4/5.
  4. Think this is pretty cool. And as hardly anybody played the Wii U, they can launch with a pretty killer collection of titles if they just port Splatoon, Zelda, Mario Maker, Smash, Pikmin, MK8, etc. Get indies on board (Vita was good for this when it happened...), and a decent virtual console collection, and get the pricing of all the above right...
  5. I wasn't too bothered by the car to be honest, the car missions were easy, I died a lot more trying to take out rooms of baddies.
  6. It's a while since I've worn a pair of Vans but I like these.
  7. You probably need to post a video. Looks like old Sonic. But unfortunately (despite being a Sonic kid in the 90s) I'm not sure Sonic was ever really that good... I've played Super Mario World since.
  8. There's a couple of green skills to get - one increases your toxicity massively, the other increases your damage while you have toxicity. So I'd whack a couple of potions down and get their effects plus 55-80% bonus to my damage output. It's just a pain having to find the potion you want to apply every time you meditate.
  9. Saw somebody get onto the metro with an old yellow gameboy (original chunky GB) earlier playing what looked like a copy of Pokemon Blue.
  10. Finally finished this and all of the DLC. I picked it back up about two months ago (I had 65 hours clocked at that point), finished the main quest then had to get both pieces of DLC. I honestly think I preferred Blood and Wine to the main game, and they created an absolutely brilliant game world for it. GOTY.
  11. You have to hold & charge on the target to do the special attack.
  12. I kept looking at it and assuming it looked wrong because I didn't put any capitalisation in it...
  13. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/whats-on/family-kids-news/what-pokmon-go-newcastle-can-11607953 Chronicle featured my shit bants tweet from the metro yesterday morning. They could at least use the Twitter API so I can pick up some likes and shit from it.
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