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  1. Dear Paddy Power, et al. It isn't Money back if when you use that money back to win a bet and you don't return the fucking stake.
  2. S.S.R.

    Your Pet Hates

    Anyone reckon three weeks is fair to give to a housemate to find another place? Was supposed to be a friend.
  3. This regeneration of Gutierrez isn't very good. Not sure I'll watch this series.
  4. Steven Taylor learning to swim there.
  5. You might want to turn your PA system up, Everton. The Mars probe isn't picking it up.
  6. Well done. What odds? Arsenal to win and bts - £2 returns £10 Arsenal to win and Sanchez to score - £2 returns £10 Arsenal 2-1, Lukaku fgs - £1 returns £76 (money back if it's a draw)
  7. Cashed out a double that included a Southampton win. Southampton nailed on now.
  8. Pelle has been shite for Southampton. The crowd are groaning every time he gets the ball.
  9. Paddy Power's Cash out has improved a bit. Had Boro in an acca and cashed for 1p less than I staked with them 2-0 down. A tad generous.
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