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  1. Find this a tad disappointing since you were the one that suggested I hoy my dubious figures into a blog ten years back. Keep on keeping on, man. It's fair enough tbh. I cringe at anything I wrote more than a week myself
  2. Find this a tad disappointing since you were the one that suggested I hoy my dubious figures into a blog ten years back.
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    [stu's Dad] Stuart will love this, looks like he’s got a better turnout than Sunderland have had for the last 6 months. Before Tracey goes through Stuart’s life with you, I’d like to share something that I read in the racing post many years ago. Death thinks a lot of itself without good reason, It takes life but can’t subtract from it. It can’t touch that which came before. It comes but once, and in an instance is gone. Life is the thing, the stuff that endures. When you hear Elvis Presley or David Bowie, your first thought is of the songs and the performances, when you saw them living and at their peak. Death becomes a footnote. How do you like your blue eyed Paul Newman, He’s still shooting pool and taking money of Robert Shaw. And that’s what I want us all to take from today. The thing that counts is the life lived and the memories, not the passing. And Tracey is going to remind us all how well Stu lived his life now. [Humanist] Stu was born 25 September 1975. He was the first grandson for both of his Nanna’s and so he was doted on. As a baby he had a haitius hernia that required an operation. This set the template for the rest of his life. His mam spent 2 weeks living in Seaham hospital as it was the only place that could do the operation. When they got home his dad would stay awake all night with him. They’d spend a lot more of their lives doing this sort of thing. Stu lost the end of his little finger when he sliced it off playing with a frying pan. He had a heart defect that required a valve replacement and his brother, Chris, would always want to listen to his heart ticking rather than beating. He was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome which led to his tall/thin appearance and a curvature of the spine. So a tough start. Stu had to have a metal rod inserted to try and straighten his back and keep him able to walk. This was done in the hottest summer in decades and he was strapped to a bed the whole summer which had to be spun around so he didn't get bed sores. Any other kid would have struggled. Stu had such a great sense of humour though. He was always joking, never complained, always faced his challenges with a smile and was thankful for what he had, rather than dwelling on any difficulties. He had a laugh like no other you've heard. When he found something REALLY funny. He'd silently exhale all the air from his body over a few seconds and then an ear piercing HAAAAAAAAA would startle wildlife for miles around. Stu's outlook meant that he was very popular, he could have become a victim of bullying, but if he got any verbal off anyone (rarely) he had a lot friends that stood up for him. Stu always loved school and would say they were among the best times of his life, For years after he'd reminisce about the teachers and friends from school who made it such a joy. He'd also look back fondly on living in Cumberland place at that time. Over the road from Shirley and Doug, Craig and Dean. Craig and Dean and Stu and Chris were lifelong friends who bonded over games of blocker, leaver go, binmen and losing their ball in Chogs garden. Before Facebook, most of Stu's reminiscing was done in the pub. Stu loved his Guinness and his pool and playing for the pool team at the Bamburgh allowed him to indulge both hobbies. Money was tight before he started working though, so for away games he'd leave his half drunk pint of Guinness and ask that no-one touch it so he could finish it when he got back. There's nothing Stu enjoyed more than a night in the pub with his pals, Craig Morgan, Paul Moore, Paul Staddon and Craig Allen and nothing he hated more than closing time. Never keen to let a night end he was always game for scaling blackberry hills after a skinful (the lads called it "Stage 9") then back to his mam and dads in the early hours where he'd make fried egg sandwiches for everyone. Stu got a bit more money in his pocket when he started work at North Eastern Hydraulics where he had a great laugh, especially with Norman. He'd be full of daft jokes whenever he got home from there. With that money he was able to move out of home and into a flat with Dave Thom where they had great times with Dana Davy and Chris Farrell. It was a real Men Behaving Badly flat, an absolute tip, and despite moving out he'd still come home to his mam and dads and leave with bin liners full of food and toilet rolls. Ask others what they remember of Stu and they'll tell you he was the friendliest lad you'd ever meet. Never a bad word for anyone. Uncle Stevie said he was the bravest person he ever had the pleasure to know. When you left him you did so uplifted and smiling. He was best Man for Chris & Fiona in 2012, even as his most recent illness took hold. He would struggle to stand to make his speech, but he was determined to do it, no matter what, and he did a great job, as always. He was a best man 3 times altogether, before Chris's wedding he'd also had the honour of being Best Man for Craig & Amanda Morgan and Paul & Jill Moore as well. Stu didn't just form his own bonds with people though, he brought others together. An older brother might not normally want their younger brother tagging along with them, but Stu wouldn't have it any other way, and Chris became as firm a friend of Stu's pals as he was. It was the same with his younger cousins. With Stu and his friends being season ticket holders at Newcastle he'd encourage younger cousins (Clark, Jonny, Simon, Dan and Corey) to meet him and his mates in his favourite pre-match haunt (idols). Amy went to one game too. She never did it again though. Stu would attempt (and fail) the yard of ale, get called Darren Anderton by the DJ and drink as much as he could to avoid remembering a thing about the game. You could guarantee he'd be stood by the bandit in the corner for hours before kick-off and he encouraged the involvement of the younger generations to go to the match, so much so that his best mates became close friends to all of his cousins as a result of his encouragement. He set the template for the match going group who would carry on going to games together. When Stu was unable to get to the match it left a big hole, but although everyone continues to miss his presence, he will always be in thoughts of the lads he brought together. Stu had more important things to do than watch football though. He got engaged to the love of his life, beautiful Kathryn. Stu and Kathryn moved in together, and they had a gorgeous baby boy, Ben. Tragically, just months after Ben's birth Kathryn died. This devastated Stu, but he devoted his life from that point to Ben and with the help and support of his family and Kathryn's Mam (Kath), sister (Rachel), her Partner (Bully), Brother (Kevin) and Ben's cousin Brandon, Ben has grown into a lovely boy Stu could not have been prouder of. He was always comforted with the knowledge Ben would always be with such loving families. Stu can continue to be part of Ben’s life though, and the lives of his friends and family. He made sure his sense of humour was recorded for posterity for all of us to enjoy. If you ever want a smile, just look through his Facebook timeline, read some of the many letters he wrote to the Gazette putting the world to rights and putting a uniquely Stu style comic twist on current events. See the Top Tips and letters he had printed by Viz magazine, the posts on Newcastle Online and Toontastic as “Lankybellwipe”, again, a name that sums up Stu, self-depreciating and always laughing at his differences rather than dwelling on them. Or look at the videos he’d edit on his phone and upload to YouTube. All he ever wanted to do was make people laugh, and he will continue to do that for many years. Ben has his own memories too, he’s kept his diary at grandmas and filled it in every week since he could write so he has lots of happy memories to look back on, whether it was his dad ranting over Jeremy Kyle or his dad ranting about the X-Factor, or his dad ranting about I’m a celebrity… or Big Brother… 6 years ago, Stu was diagnosed with superficial siderosis. It's an extremely rare condition, excess iron builds up caused by bleeding on the brain or spinal cord. Despite his bad luck, Stu kept on keeping on in his usual good nature. In time though, the condition took its toll Stu's balance worsened and he had to stop driving, he fell and broke a hip and had to take to a wheelchair and become more reliant on others. As his condition deteriorated the help of Karen & June and the South Tyneside Young Carers has been immeasurably appreciated by Stu and it gave him great comfort to know Ben was enjoying some of the activities other kids can take for granted but he couldn't give to Ben himself. The Donations at the end will be on their behalf. One of the side effects of superficial siderosis is that you lose your hearing. Being such a rare disease it's very difficult to get any treatment approved as there's little knowledge of the effectiveness. Stu was ostensibly deaf 3 years ago and everyone was resigned to the fact, but his mam never gave up the cause, she joined forums online, Facebook groups, contacted US specialists and always pushed for anything that could be done. It was thanks to these efforts that Stu was eventually fitted with a cochlear implant, despite no-one knowing for certain if it would do him any good. He'd said it would be worth the surgery if there was a chance he could hear Ben laugh again, and he did. He was delighted that thanks to his mam's effort he could talk and laugh with his family, but especially Ben for years more. His mam was the biggest influence on his outlook, while she always pushed doctors, family and Stu to do more to ensure he got the very best treatment he possibly could (even while Stu asked her not to be a bother to them), she never allowed Stu to dwell on anything and the phrase that was always used was how there were others that were worse off. Maria could not have been prouder of him and would boast about how he faced up to things, always being thankful for the good things. Stu was always very close to his auntie Sue and his Auntie Pauline. They'd see him every week and were a great support to him and Maria and Mick and Ben and Chris as Stu’s health deteriorated. Uncle Russell was his man with a drill too. Stu moved house every few years as his need for facilities changed and Russell would always be there putting up curtains TV’s or whatever needed doing. Pauline and Sue encouraged him to do exercise that would keep him mobile and fit as long as possible. Auntie Sue loved it when Stu, who never wanted to bother, was grinning from ear to ear in the end as he did better than her. Auntie Pauline was always taken by how much Stu appreciated his dad. He'd always say what an amazing selfless dad he had who went above and beyond anything that could be expected of a parent. He was not only Stuart's dad but his friend, his confidant, his hero and lots more. He loved, adored and gave thanks for having him in his life. When Pauline went to see Stu and asked "what have you done today" Stu said "well I can't do much, but dad’s been busy!" We could go on forever. Stu got brought home by the police after taking Chris for a midnight walk when he was 7. Another time he got brought home from the pub by some 14 year olds who found him slipping on the ice like Bambi after 10 pints. He was rescued from stepping in front of a speeding tram by Craig Allen in Amsterdam, he could have been the next Alan Bradley. Twice Stu chased after lads who dared threaten his little brother at school, his hero. He got his jaw wired up after being punched (by some stranger without provocation, no-one ever had a problem with Stu if they spoke to him). But despite being unable to open his mouth, he still went on Paul Staddon’s stag do, on a liquid diet of protein shakes and Guinness. At the same stag do Stu gratefully accepted drinks from an elderly gentleman completely oblivious to the fact the gentleman was trying to pick him up. He just thought he was friendly. He went down to London for Princess Di’s funeral, he didn’t want to mourn or anything, he thought the deal on bus travel they were offering meant a cheap weekend in London. He was shocked when everything was shut and he’d crammed his 6 foot 7 frame on a bus for 16 hours for nothing. One of Stu's favourite memories though was being at Knebworth for one of the legendary Oasis gigs of 1996. It's with that in mind that his family chose this track for a moment of reflection. Oasis - stop crying your heart out Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Lufe
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    Thanks so much. Really appreciate it. Was a lush day. There was over £500 donated and I got the cash in an envelope at the end so I'll be dropping it off with the young carers this week. If anyone wants to add to it, you can on PayPal, I'm [email protected] Alternatively, young carers are a subsidiary of south Tyneside TEN who are a registered charity you can donate to online. I'm going to hoy up the humanists notes from the day because stu never told people the shit he'd gone through and how amazing he was at dealing with it...
  5. I don't think I ever apologised to everyone on here that I ever told Pardew was about the limit of who Ashley was capable of appointing for us. I know I eventually became Terminator 2 and fought the good fight when it became totally intolerable, but Jesus Wept. Thank the lord that Rafa approached us and saved the fat fuck from himself (and Carver/McClaren).
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    Morning all, sorry to return only to whore myself, but some might find this useful. Sick of there not being any app or twitter account that will push a notification to my phone just for the main nufc related news (team lineups, goals, completed transfers and when tickets are on sale) without a load of other content getting pushed at me. So I'm playing with doing my own - @NUFCalerts Follow and set up mobile notifications if you want instant alerts for all of the above... as long as I have a data connection and get the club notifications in the first place
  7. Done an article on how the stats show Benitez is already second only to Keegan and Robson in the pantheon of Premier League era NUFC managers... http://www.themag.co.uk/2016/09/rafa-benitez-gaining-kevin-keegan-sir-bobby-elo-ratings-newcastle-united/
  8. Did an article for the TF summer special on how Ashley's increased ticket prices without anyone realising https://t.co/QLLRd7VsvX
  9. I've had a couple of articles in the Chronicle but nowt on the finances. I think they try not to go off piste on the accounts. They'll cover the points raised in each set of accounts and repeat the club talking points, but when it comes to building an overall pattern and damning the club for it, I think they don't have the accountancy experts they would like to be comfortable going to print on it. Not that I'm an expert, but that's the point, they can't have my wild accusations being printed without covering their arse with an expensive expert to double check all the numbers. I missed this one off the Mag article... http://nufc-ashlies.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/20142015-accounts_25.html
  10. Under-reported issues raised by the accounts... http://www.themag.co.uk/2016/04/newcastle-united-accounts-questions-contradictions-omissions/
  11. The bit in bold is interesting. Not sure why the Telegraph are claiming that as some sort of inside track. The Mag reported on the statement in the accounts last week that said SD will now pay for promotion. http://www.themag.co.uk/2016/04/breaking-news-sports-direct-will-now-pay-advertising-newcastle-united/
  12. I've done some complicated sums and worked out the chances of each option. 1. Relegated, he walks (90%) 2. Relegated, he wants to stay, Ashley gets rid (5%) 3. We stop up, Ashley pisses him off by listening to the footballing acumen of messrs Charnley & Moncur, he walks (4%) 4. We stop up, he stays, everyone is happy and we climb the league (1%)
  13. http://i65.tinypic.com/rm360g.png
  14. http://media.boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/FawltyTowers1-3_11.jpg "Don't mention Pardew!! I did once but I think I got away with it"
  15. https://twitter.com/bigchrisholt/status/718025153129619456 Outside of a couple of peaks, there's no point in 4 years that we look like we'd accrue enough points to stop up. That said, if Pardew could put runs like that together, than Benitez can.
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