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    Canelo would break his ribs inside 3 rounds, GGG would break his skull.
  2. http://oi64.tinypic.com/2qxvocw.jpg If you see me at Palace say areet. I mean that in the friendliest way possible. 👍
  3. I'll be in the Shark Club for Palace at home if anyone wants to punch me in the face/slag me off/wants a line of cocaine. I wouldn't be suprised at any. Just don't go for the first.
  4. Mr. Snrub

    Terrorist Attacks

    That's the problem, no chance he would. Was in the armed forces for a long time. He's more stubborn than me even at 70! Thanks, though. x
  5. Hate the fact he was and always will be my childhood hero but now writes for The S*n. Not as if he needs the dollar, and as a working class lad from a city embraced by football he should know what Liverpool went through because of that dirty fucking rag and tell them to fuck off.
  6. OTT Liberals are even more fucked up in the head than the Islam extremists carrying out the attacks. Hipster fucking weirdos defending them and are more concerned about being even more PC than the other leftie beside them who'd rather brush it under the rug, pretend it didn't happen and think love and peace, man. Let's sit beside a load of candles and have a peaceful protest..that will defeat worldwide terrorism. You disagree with them, you're a sexist/nazi/islamaphobe who like, just doesn't get it. Hashtags and prayers will sort it out. Every muslim that is on 24hr terror watch should be jailed immediately in consolidation. If they're not from here, fuck them off to where the were. Reading through this thread and someone actually said they feel just as sorry for muslims, who get to wake up and live life as normal, as those 22 innocent peope who were slaughtered in such a barbaric way. Let that sink in ffs. Near made me sick reading it. Utterly abhorrent, disgusting tripe and a complete insult to the victims and their families. Corbyn was celebrating when Manchester was blew up in 1996. Anyone who supports this man is a piece of shit. Fuck the Tories, too, I like foxes.
  7. Mr. Snrub

    Terrorist Attacks

    Not a terrorist attack, but a couple..pensioners should I say were murdered literally a 5 minute walk up road from me this afternoon. A botched robbery gone wrong. Tried nicking their car and when they came out the bastard must have panicked and shanked both of them. Police and choppers all over the place all day. I work permanent nights now and since my mum passed away 2 months ago it's just me and my da in the house. Don't feel one bit comfortable at all knowing I'm off to work Monday night and it's just him and I ain't there to do owt if some prick chanced their arm. Same kind of place it would happen anall, a quiet cul de sac. World is fucked beyond belief.
  8. Waste of time and money, you'd be shite. Playing 21 years later after 2 decades of stressful work. Probably take a heart attack in a month with an embarrassingly high score card after about 7 holes.
  9. Last time I was there the hotel staff sleazed on my bird..and many others non stop, staff also pressured you into eating and drinking at the hotel every night and begrudged you if you didn't..then I nearly got in a row when leaving. (They tried claiming we didn't pay for an extra night on arrival for late check out then was demanding loot when we were waiting for the bus to collect us.) When one got too loud in my birds face and that was me seen red..(thankfully a Scottish lad I got talking to seen it aswell..defo would've have needed that big cunts back up) but the 4 of them then ran back into the hotel anyway like the cunts they were. Also, when we were out with another couple one night his bird wanted to go home and was followed by a group of lads whilst doing so. Why the fuck he left her walk back on her todd is beyond me, mind, but it still doesn't make rape ok. Activities were shite and over priced aswell. Boat trip was the worst 12 hours of my life. Pick pocketers non stop on a daily basis also dropped the mood a slight bit. Weather was good, though.
  10. Beautiful delivery from End today. http://oi63.tinypic.com/2ajwfbd.jpg Wensley SPZL's. Nicest drop from adidas in some time.
  11. It is though, our squad is just significantly poorer than the last time we were here and won it with ease.
  12. Obviously the script could be better, but the realism of a national army and air force having to take down a giant Gorilla climbing buildings or a Dinosaur destroying earth makes the films good.
  13. Relevance of cinema location plays a big part in film plot, though.
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