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  1. Who the fuck asked you? So you think spacker and mong is ok? Or are you the type that sits back and only joins in when others do?
  2. Embarrassing as fuck to think that in 2021 we have so called "adults" that think calling random strangers "mong's" on the internet, just because they choose something to do in their spare time, is ok and acceptable. Truly embarrassing.
  3. Do you really believe that those two insults are the same? Fuck me. Embarrassing.
  4. FFS, so you can speak for everyone else now? It's a term that should not be used, makes no difference if you are offended or not. Fucking ridiculous comment.
  5. So using the words "mong's" and "spackers" is now acceptable? Fuck me, what a class group of forum members we have these days.
  6. Unfortunately it's quite common these days, people going online and calling others all-sorts without a second thought. Put that word into the forum Search, it's shockingly sad unfortunately. 😟 That's not a dig at this forum, it's just how it is these days in general.
  7. However you support the "club" shouldn't matter. We all agree that Bruce should be nowhere near us, but ultimately, unless we get some kind of takeover, nothing will change. 😟
  8. Totally off topic for this thread, but Oyston being removed from Blackpool was not down to gate receipts.
  9. Your such a shit forum member. Now come on, come up with your own opinion for once, I'm sure you are capable. 😀
  10. Too many posters are just blinkered and don't actually have their own opinions.
  11. Ah, I see. You make up an argument to feel "relevant" then flounce off like a fanny when you are shown up. Smooth.
  12. Ah you know me personally then? Sorry I actually have others things in my life that doesn't include sitting on a forum 24/7 but each to their own.
  13. And I never said "you" had, it was a general comment. However you can't respond without getting personal, nevermind eh.
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