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  1. neesy111


    Back to over 30k cases.
  2. neesy111

    Cricket 2.0

    230-0. Impressive.
  3. Wonder if we'll see the top teams start the season off better without these stupid pre-season tours.
  4. Seeded Bagel with Smashed Avocado, Cheese, Egg and Chilli Jam.
  5. Perez has been underwhelming at Leicester, but he did help them to win the FA cup.
  6. neesy111

    The Apple Thread

    Was this to sell your iMac, thats a long way and expense to sell one.
  7. Chelsea requiring vaccinations or negative tests for their home games.
  8. neesy111

    Steve Bruce

    He's fucking hopeless.
  9. neesy111


    Yeah that makes sense, I do think the pre-departure one is here to stay. Most countries are asking for it now.
  10. neesy111


    The issue is bringing in variants isn't it. Double vaccinated people can still bring them in.
  11. neesy111


    Not sure about this, 2 of the newspapers this morning said the testing for arrivals on day 2 is going to go. UK is losing £637m a day in lost tourism at the moment.
  12. neesy111

    Steve Bruce

    I can't see the bottom teams being as bad this season.
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