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  1. Yeah I had a look earlier. Rank it by highest rated. Insane levels of hate. Fuck em.
  2. Sorry if already posted, but don't read the BBC comments highest rated posts on the Steve Bruce sacking. Fucking hell.
  3. Yeah I think that's when I become very concerned. Whoever comes in, caretaker or the permanent choice, they have to have November and December to turn things around and understand what signings we need for Jan. Big 2 months.
  4. hakka

    Jamaal Lascelles

    Farcical comment. He's proved he can easily play this level.
  5. Warming to idea of a caretaker manager but not sure who is right for us to turn around.... especially as they'd have to spend in January and they could be on players a long term coach doesn't want. Very awkward this.
  6. Yeah agreed, I think Rafa was the man for them and of course perfect for us and this club, and it's all tits up now he's happy at Everton. Not exactly tons of managers available of Benitez calibre available that would come here and get it like he did.
  7. I'm only just seen Craig Hope's story about players bust up and wanting manager out. Must have been what Ando7 was referring to 24/48 hours comment. I mean we've heard before about what players think of Bruce, but if it really is fucking carnage and a divided dressing room, then yeah maybe hanging to Bruce longer is an error as it's more damage for next manager to sort out. I mean hanging on to him was never my preference, but I didn't mind the couple of weeks until it's sorted if it's done properly.
  8. Really? I mean, when they were buying the club 18 months ago I suspect there was people sounded out. By all accounts up until the takeover was on I suspect they thought it was a long shot if they ever got the club at all, maybe until CAT and arbitration took place, which may mean takeover January or summer? or not all if we were relegated. It feels straight forward enough to imagine they are now on the back foot sorting out the club structure, the people they had talks with are not available and they have to go back to drawing board. It's a different landscape to 18 months ago, I think we forg
  9. Hughie Fury win. Not convinced he will ever be good enough to go too far.
  10. If that poll was before we got took over I bet it would be very different. Voting off back of sour grapes because we have already been sold to them.
  11. Get a job working as a football correspondent working for a media company and get assigned to covering Newcastle United. If your hurry you might make it.
  12. I think Bruce can be a nice / likeable person to be in a room with and talk to, while at same time be a petulant incompetent arsehole in all aspects of his management career. Similar thing with Ashley, people that have met him seem to say he's alright guy to talk to, but fuck, we all know his actions are fucking terrible. Whether it be how his SD workers have been treated over the years or what he's done to our club and us.
  13. I'm looking forward to this cunt being sacked so I can start thinking of my next avatar pic photoshop. May have to have an interim one while awaiting new manager appointment.
  14. I tried to reason for patience and calm a lot already, as I maintain bigger picture and longer term success now we are free of Ashley is what matters most compared to who is in the dugout on Sunday. A bit more time with Bruce before it all goes the way we want is nothing to me, but if it's a problem for others then fair enough. It didn't feel like putting logical points forward were landing, so I was being obtuse to try a different angle and make same point. I regret that now, so I've removed those posts. Apologies.
  15. I doubt they are keeping him in the dugout for footballing reasons. It's probably more likely one or both of the following... 1. The sign off for £8m sacking needs PIF approval and that process is brand new and not yet slick to do it as quickly as we all would like. 2. Amanda and co wanted to speak to everyone at the club and get a plan together for the next move, which may involve having replacements and other structure considerations ready first before they pull the trigger on Bruce. Second from bottom this early in to the season isn't that much of a factor.
  16. I spent a fair bit of time trying to calm panic of Steve of not being sacked yet if you look at my posts of yesterday. So yes - I was taking the piss to try and underline and make the point of how absurd it is to say new owners start is tarnished etc.
  17. I'm not suggesting they should care - the point is whatever they do a narrative can be painted either way about him being sacked straight away or after Sunday's game. It's all moot to me. Being free from Ashley and having owners that claim they want us to win things and have the financial muscle to do it is amazing. I ain't going to give a fuck if Bruce happens to be in charge for a short while longer while the new owners sort out the new structure. Haven't we always wanted owners that do things properly? We've waited 14 years to be free of Ashley and the moment we do it people are
  18. If we sack Bruce and get bummed on Sunday, pressure is on the owners already for sacking him and appearing without a plan. You can see the PFM loving people and media leaping to his defence.
  19. You do realise we could still lose the Spurs game even if Bruce was sacked already? It's not a default position we win as long as he is sacked. It's our 8th game of the season. We've been in this level of shit after 20+ games under Bruce. Even if it took a few weeks to sack him and replace, we have a months for the new manager to sort out the club before January to bring in players to improve it.
  20. PR disaster? That's incredibly strong language. Not at all what I'd label a PR disaster. Sacking a man who's been shit in the PL his whole career with ~30% win rate off the back of one of his rare wins isn't even a negative at all.
  21. We all want Bruce gone and I'm sure he will be replaced with someone better. I'm surprised people can't see bigger picture of it not really mattering too much as long as he does get replaced in the coming weeks. Christ, if things are this tetchy over instant sacking of Bruce there will be hell to pay if someone like Lampard or Gerrard gets the gig.
  22. And it rightly can be challenged back as over dramatic and too negative given context of how early in the season it is, how the owners have barely been here a few days and we know the structure of the clubs management is woefully thin to make changes without firm plans for who is coming in to replace.
  23. We need to stop acting like this Spurs game is final game of season and a must win to stay up, and sacking Bruce is only answer to that. That's what this over dramatised "sack Bruce now" after days of being taken over comes across like when citing the second from bottom stuff. New owners are here and it's a couple days in to their stewardship, Bruce surely will go, it's super early in the season for second from bottom to matter given the squad we have. No matter who comes in they will take some time to get this side turned around, but will have plenty of time through (hopefully) No
  24. Chelsea have had a squad and reserve squad of top players each time. And they've replaced top class managers with top class managers. It's hardly comparable to us at all, and also not a rule of thumb every club follows.
  25. I suspect this is as simple as the new owners want to have the new structure agreed and the people ready to join first before removing the old one, especially as the old one is vastly inadequate and undermanned. It looks like this takeover happened so fast that whatever previous discussions for people joining have to be revisited, because things like Rafa at Everton and potentially other people for big roles are no longer available and different ones are. If Conte was to be spoken to I can't see that being something to sort out in a few days when the whole club internally needs shake up from t
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