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  1. I'm waiting on delivery of the leather-bound Barnes & Noble version at the moment, after so many on here were singing it's praises.
  2. Just finished that a few weeks back. It's not her first either. While I was reading it, I was amazed that someone who speaks and writes in a completely different language could write so well in English, but since found out her family emigrated to the US when she was 4, and she was educated in US schools. Still an impressive big read though.
  3. I really enjoyed that thing he did with McCartney. He manages to coax revelations ands memories out of the man that no-one seemingly had managed before. Plus he helped start DefJam, for that alone, he is a hero.
  4. The Third Policeman by Flann O Brien. That Banshees of Inershirin made me think about it, funnily enough.
  5. I got a letter from Gene Clark once. I was into The Byrds big time in the mid-80s, and also liked a band called The Long Ryders - and wrote to the lead singer Sid Griffin, who put me in touch with Gene Clark, who I also wrote to, and received a reply while I was living on Diana Street in '86. It was just a few sentences about his time with The Byrds. I've lost it over the last 37 years like. Weirdly Sid Griffin formed a band with some lads from Newcastle later on called The Coal Porters, and more recently ended up living a street away from me in Camden before I moved back up here.
  6. That has Gene Clark's 'Train Leaves Here This Morning' on it, as does The Eagles first album.
  7. Arabian Nights, The Mirror & The Light and The McCartney Legacy - Volume 1. Finding Sir Richard Burton's translation of ANs hard to read. It's like prose in shackles.
  8. BHN was the start of the decline into MOR indie landfill, imo.
  9. He's a lot sweeter than he looks, I swear...
  10. Didn't Bernie Leadon have associations with both the FBB and The Byrds before forming The Eagles?
  11. ...while your four legged friend 'Dawg' laps up the spillage. 'He's a drug store truck drivin' man, he's head of the ...' etc etc
  12. ...with your arm draped around your sister-mama's shoulder.
  13. Came to them for the jangly, chiming Rickenbackers, stayed for the pedal steel of Sweetheart of The Rodeo.
  14. Public schoolboy chases public schoolboy 'Er, Mr Johnson, er...are you feeling rather batey?"
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