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  1. Fair point. Twenty years ago, in the job I do, you were given full and descriptive briefs, a workable deadline, and the job was nearly always done well and on time, so the company was happy. Before I left - last year - briefs were confused and incomplete, deadlines were always 'urgent', and subsequently as the work was rushed, mistakes were regularly made, and as a result of that, everyone was stressed and on edge. I suppose it fits the analogy of the frog in boiling water. It's slowly evolved to where workplaces exist for different reasons than providing good employment and dec
  2. I watched the BBC for almost 60 years, it's as left-wing as Eton College. Isn't Woke a term the right use because they can't use racial slurs anymore...publicly.
  3. An honest question. Why do we need another 'right-wing' TV station? I mean there aren't any that would be regarded as 'left-wing' at all. After what has happened to the USA after Fox News' perversion of news, then one can only suppose, they're planning the same here.
  4. I have never heard anything like that before...
  5. The government is solidly in the 'Satire is dead' camp now, you literally would be accused of being ridiculous if you used any of these things that have 'actually happened' in a comedy script.
  6. Agreed. Though I think Suranne Jones is superb - as is Patterson Joseph.
  7. Is this constant state of musical chairs a new thing? Or is it just a way of making them all 'moving targets' so that no individual Minister can take the blame for the mess?
  8. 'I've a game hole' is almost an anagram of Pob's name.
  9. Probably not. They'll all get well-paid directorships out of this 'n all.
  10. kingkerouac


    In the old days, someone with daft /stupid views would be laughed at, until they finally relented or became a pariah (see N. Farage Esq.). Now, with social media, they can go online and 'converse' with millions around the world who have the same stupid views as themselves, thus making them believe their opinion is sensible/valid. What a fucking mess we've got ourselves into.
  11. kingkerouac

    Your Pet Hates

    This was when I started cycling in 2002. I rapidly became aware of the 'danger' areas. I found that screaming out expletives, usually got the attention of whatever murdering nonce was driving the lorry.
  12. Well of course she is a popstar, so naturally she's also a fucking idiot.
  13. kingkerouac

    Your Pet Hates

    One of the reasons I gave up cycling to work in London. Either I would be killed by a large vehicle turning a corner, or chinned by the driver of same vehicle for screaming 'You stupid cunt!' at them, as they turned.
  14. He's in the new Asimov Foundation adaptation too. Looking forward to it.
  15. Most of the kind of people who hold those views are unattractive to advertisers because of their perceived economic status, so the more they attract, the more advertising they lose. Hence Farage, who they assume appeals to 'disgruntled' nest-egg pensioners rather than out-and-out 'extremists'. I mean it's not as if the rest of UK TV output is left-wing - far from it - which makes this whole thing look like a money-making exercise for the desperate old curmudgeons involved.
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