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  1. kingkerouac

    Daft questions

    I can't see the point of ingesting yeasty, ice-cold pisswater without it to be honest.
  2. The scary thing is why is the government - any government - advising it's own citizens to leave all of their private information unsecured? Oh, I see why...
  3. kingkerouac


    I don't think Churchill had any say in what Russia did back then, they were far bigger and far more powerful than we were. The party that make up the UK government get more than half of their funding from Russia, also Johnson has never released the Russian Election Interference report. Something odd going on there, like.
  4. Oh. That may have explained the situation. Apologies big man, RIP.
  5. Was at the 'Q' Awards in London in 2008, and Meatloaf was lined up to present an award. But when he was introduced and walked to the stage, he fell over and had to be helped up. He made it to the mic, but his speech was so slurred, the organisers came over and relieved him of his duty, whereupon he fell over again, had to be lifted/assisted from the stage. It was 11 am in the morning - having said that, all the tables were creaking with bottles of free booze. I didn't realise he had such a bad problem with alcohol until that day. He was replaced by Alan Carr.
  6. And Rhea Pearlman - the link between Cheers and Sunny. Favourite Fraiser quote from the Cheers days. 'I knew Lilith was in town because the dogs were howling'. Lilith was gorgeous though, or was that just my view?
  7. Met my wife in the Bodega after the Everton game in 1999. Was a great little boozer then. We went back for a drink on our 20th anniversary - granted it was during the week - and it was disappointing to say the least. Grubby. Sadly most of the bars I spent my 20s in in Newcastle are all long gone - The Egypt Cottage, Barley Mow, The Pit Bar, Broken Doll.
  8. When it was at it's zenith in the mid 80s, I spent most of my free time in pubs. Loved the depiction of the camaraderie, piss-taking and wit of a good local boozer. It was maybe the first sitcom where every single cast member was a well-crafted characterisation. As much as I loved Woody's barman, Coach was far funnier, by the way.
  9. kingkerouac


    Hang on, you'd prefer this government covering up the deaths of your fellow citizens than shitting your pants over an article in the Daily Mail? Fuck me, what a charmer.
  10. Is it a thing that the more evil and right wing a PM is in this country, the friendlier the 'name' they get given? Boris, and Maggie. I don't recall Wilson being given the moniker 'Harry' or Blair being called 'Tones'. It's obviously a media invention to make them sound less threatening than they actually are.
  11. kingkerouac

    U.S. Politics

    About time. People need reminding that - in the UK at least - our current laws relating to Cannabis were created at the behest of the alcohol industry, of all people. Criminalising people for how they spend their own leisure time is madness.
  12. kingkerouac


    'people online' The modern equivalent of a Richard Littlejohn column.
  13. Since moving back up north, one of the things I miss in supermarkets is rotisserie chickens. In Camden there was a choice of flavours too.
  14. He was the Master in the 90s Dr Who reboot with Mark McGann as DW. He was good too.
  15. To be fair, the Tory MP for Workington - about 15 miles from where I am - is an ex UKIPPER.
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