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  1. Get it uploaded man. Need to make a decision about which shirt I'm going to wear, and who I'm going to keep in my pocket.
  2. Any advance on the team selections? Need to start giving some shit to the opposition so we can get a bit of bite in to the games. <Insert violent sliding tackle gif here>
  3. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I am interested in eating. Count me in for multiple meals.
  4. You appointing yourself director of football mate? I hope you have a full dossier on each player, scouting reports and such like. Not just relying on grainy YouTube clips.
  5. Although you could still boycott them on the grounds that he always will be a massive piece of shit.
  6. When you're assessing player quality just remember I'm old, have shit knees, am overweight, and my style of play is far more suited to 11-a-side football where I can hide my deficiencies with long range sprayed passes and a dominant aerial performance.
  7. I'm confirmed for this now. All booked up. I'll be able to be be in town by about 7 on the Friday I'd imagine.
  8. Massive night tomorrow, little Hampton & Richmond Borough, the mighty Beavers, live on BT Sports againts Oldham. Been getting more and more excited as we get closer to the game. Will be nearly 3000 there, Oldham haven't sold their 450 allocation - which isn't surprising as it is a Monday night and on the telly. Ridiculous decision to move to the Monday given the distance Oldham fans would have to travel. Would have made more sense to be the Saturday or Sunday game. I don't give us much chance other than the usual 'anything can happen on the night' possibility. Oldham are in poor form but we've been poor for the last five weeks with the exception of our 4Q Rd game. Still, win or lose will be a big day for the club. The TV fee alone is £75k, plus the nearly £60k prize money we have won so far will enable to manager to make improvements to the squad and keep the club bank account healthy for a couple of seasons. The 2nd round draw is being held in the club bar before the game too, and that is the first time we'll have our name in the second round draw, so we're getting plenty of exposure. Enjoy the game if you watch it on tv, we'll put a good atmosphere on for sure. BEEEEAAAAAVVVVVEEEERRRRRRSSSSSS! #vivalabeaver
  9. I'm just checking behind the sofa to see if I have any spare f***s to give. No. Nothing there. Sorry. Aye that's been very apparent all year mate. Pretty sure I have fulfilled the requirements of membership as outlined at the start of the season. I'm terribly sorry if that has not met your high standards this year Dan. I'll be honest, I've just been too busy as I'm training to teach and it takes up all my time. In the list of shit I am bothered about, FF is pretty low. I haven't had the time to research what players are doing well or not and I could do without the snarky shit on here. I am happy to rescind my place for next year as I don't see my situation changing.
  10. I'm just checking behind the sofa to see if I have any spare fucks to give. No. Nothing there. Sorry.
  11. MKSC


    Won't wear one as I feel it's a pointless piece of tat that has been appropriated by the sort of people who post things like "the older generation have cost us our future with Europe, have they" with a pictures of angry pro-eu protesters and a load of war graves. As if the two things are linked in any way at all. It's all got very pro-military rather than just rememberence, which as a complete peacefreak I can't get with. Being a historian I study and talk about war a lot, and frankly it's nearly always a waste of time and lives. I'll remember the poor bastards who were sent to die for good ol' blighty (and all the foreign troops too) in my own way. I donate to veterans charities and regularly visit war graves on my travels.
  12. Had a few beers and a chat with some of the backroom staff. Really interesting. They all said the titans are a good organisation and spoke highly of the HC. Apparently was his idea that they all went for a beer. Fyi, there is a dwarf on the equipment team. Absolute geezer. Seriously lecherous.
  13. Does he seem like a decent bloke? Well, he was polite and seemed interested.
  14. I 100% just talked to Mike Vrabel about the Thames being tidal. No lie.
  15. Where's that at Tom? The London meetup? The place where they did all the media is where my mate lives/works.
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