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  1. Hope we announce we are done before the Tuesday, so we can solely concentrate on the semi final second leg. Don’t want transfer shite getting in the way of that amazing day.
  2. That face definitely improves with our top on. Don’t seem to want to wallop it with a lump hammer as much.
  3. Come on, any player who just stops turning up at their club because they want to move is a total cunts trick
  4. He means it properly though. Bruce didn’t have a clue what it meant, he just heard other people use it and thought it sounded good.
  5. Just don’t get this. Keep seeing it too. The way we play, we don’t even play with a direct “8” we have three midfielders and only 1 (Bruno) plays directly in the middle when we have the ball. Longstaff moves out right and Willock moves out left. Then when we don’t have the ball they push back in. To move Bruno would then mean playing him more on the right in Longstaffs position. I much prefer Bruno to be the central pivot in that midfield three. Bringing in a DM when we need goals, I just don’t understand your urgency. Leave Bruno in the middle of the three where he has so much more control and time on the ball.
  6. As if anyone is putting the ball past Pope.
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