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  1. reefatoon

    Chris Wood

    Was very flat footed for a so called poacher.
  2. A cracking result that. Great to see them battling away to the end. Going to enjoy a fair few beers tonight. Enjoy the weekend folks!
  3. I thought Fernandez was fit again? Hopefully he isn’t, as having Clark on the bench ahead of him is a shocking decision.
  4. January was supposed to be our saviour month where we start to turn it around after the nightmare fixtures in December. We have been utter lifting in the two games so far though. Needs to get a tune out of these useless fuckers and it needs to start tomorrow.
  5. Well it’s over to us now. Come on you bunch of useless bastards, try and win you shit cunts.
  6. Tripling salaries all over the gaff. We are a right cock tease.
  7. Just wait until tomorrow.....
  8. I enjoyed it more when i did it 4 days ago.
  9. Must be a nightmare for them trying to bring bodies in. In the two weeks after Trippier, all we have managed to do is massively overpay for a limited aging striker. Don't think it's the want of trying that is holding us back, but more the greedy bastard clubs trying to fleece us. We will have to get used to this.
  10. We certainly like a gamble. Going into another game with zero midfield. Not enjoying the 403 formation that much like, can't help but feel it gives the opposition a bit if a hand.
  11. Well, it's the penultimate Friday before the window "slams shut" Just going to bask in all the midfield links when they arrive..........
  12. A bid a day helps you work rest and play.
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