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  1. What is the fucking point of Stephen Clemence? He just constantly stands around looking lost. Look at him on that photo man. Constantly confused.
  2. It’s mainly because we have a team of utter soft fannies.
  3. reefatoon


    Looks class @neesy111 We we’re meant to go in June last year and also May this year but obviously didn’t make it. Hopefully next year. Just arrived in Kefalonia here for a week. Gorgeous Villa with amazing views of the mountains and away from all the riff raff. Bliss.
  4. reefatoon

    Steve Bruce

    Wish he would stop saying "look" at the start of every fucking sentence, the absolute twat hammer. Really boils my piss.
  5. So Twitter is all wankers making stuff up and also wankers making stuff up to out the wankers making stuff up. So glad I go nowhere near Twitter like. Seems full of absolute self obsessed cuntbags.
  6. Thank god for that. Keep feeling like John Hurt in Alien is gonna happen every time I think of it
  7. Had a weirdly large shaped egg amongst other eggs in the box and when I cracked it open it was a fucking triple yolker! Never seen that before like. They were quite small yolks, but man it was weird as fuck and kind of put me off. Didn’t know whether to eat it or not as it just looked weird (I did). Anyone else had one of these alien eggs and did they survive? Never felt so queasy over an egg since the plate of wet egg debacle.
  8. See, it’s replies like this that don’t help matters. Classed as “whinging” because I want to know more about what they are trying to achieve and to understand the positives of this. I could fully get behind something even if it is a risk, as long as I know and understand what it is trying to achieve, so I can have a reason to back it. But just throwing money at it without having the first clue about the benefits of it and calling people “whingers” for questioning it is fucking stupid, and smacks more of the typical sheep mentality that has blighted our fan base for years now. At le
  9. That’s massive bollocks that.
  10. reefatoon

    Steve Bruce

    It's sickening man. Wish Bruce would just hurry up and bang him, the blokes obviously fucking gagging for it, to the point he can't even think straight anymore. Weird obsessed cunt that he is.
  11. Well if a trip there doesn't entice any new would be owners then nothing will.
  12. I'd be interested to hear why it is such a good idea fella. I hear people saying it's a good idea, but I haven't heard any reason's why it's a good idea and how it can benefit the club, area and fans. All I see is a scheme that's pissing in the wind, but would love to have my mind changed on why it's a good thing.
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