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  1. No one else get David Sullivan’s son vibes off that lad?
  2. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/gardaí-investigating-after-man-s-body-used-in-apparent-attempt-to-claim-pension-1.4782598
  3. That’s seems our best bet and everyone gets something out of it.
  4. He helped get Cabaye out of here iirc. He was writing about how he only had 2 years in his contract and he could buy himself out of it.
  5. I’ll stand by what I said it the other thread. I don’t really pay much attention to the transfer rumors but DOF was the most important appointment we had to make after the takeover and I don’t believe that is demanding. I want nothing more for this to be a success on and off the field but we should be able to point out issues with the new ownership without shite like “So you rather Ashley?” being the counter argument. This consortium are custodians of the club and as supporters I think we have every right to critique when appropriate.
  6. They might realise when we’re getting dicked about and move onto another target.
  7. I was never an Ashley enabler. It’s like you can’t critique the ownership without “betwetting” or “throwing toys out of the pram”
  8. What’s with the consultants then? Hammond seemingly gone and McPartland and the other guy we’re supposedly left in the dark as soon as the takeover went through. Then you had Harry Redknapp saying he was consulted during the manager search and reports of managers getting cold called by Ghodoussi (who I’ve yet see what his actual role is at the club) It’s been messy as fuck.
  9. It’s absolute negligence that the DOF role wasn’t filled well before January. It should’ve been a higher priority than a manager but that can be forgiven due to the position we were left in. It’s just looks like another case of people successful in separate fields thinking that they know more that football people.
  10. Rojas did better out of the move than Miggy did.
  11. This is the kinda deal that should’ve been done in the first week in Jan.
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