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  1. What method do you use for them @relámpago blanco ? Do you wrap them ?
  2. CFlan

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Hatton should be kissing him right now
  3. Mad that Cathcart is still playing in the PL
  4. CFlan

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Where was this take an hour ago? Backed Bryson at 15/2 not to score a point
  5. Happy for the lad tbf.
  6. CFlan

    What mood are you in?

    Go get yourself a nice all American gas guzzler like a Chevy Tahoe and you won’t have to worry about fucks stealing your liberal emissions regulator.
  7. CFlan

    Steve Bruce

    cheers, profiler sorted.
  8. CFlan

    What mood are you in?

    That’ll be why. The cats on the hybrids are the most desirable. There’s a body shop around by me that are selling Cat “protectors” which basically slow down the thieves, they’re out the door busy.
  9. I don’t think I ever watched all of Reno 911 before so I’m going through it at the minute. I’m in legit pain laughing at some of it, can’t remember the last show that I laughed as much at.
  10. Very satisfying to see him getting his face smashed in.
  11. Wilson getting booed he’s finished
  12. Wilson would be better off throwing underhand.
  13. CFlan

    The 'GOLF' thread

    https://theterracestore.com/products/newcastle-1996-keeper-golf-towel?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=gingeragency&fbclid=PAAaZMH8-yM89ZPc4WUCY9JOY2kfXdEXi1FHkdubiy1a81hrCFxpX7rIr-aEg_aem_Aeup39N5OSk4y2Fvuzd3-K02kstillLce0xL_waS6mWH6EXif0KBnCPHPrqhaF2yK3ILgZx6R1NQ3Py_w_RoBXatia_usQhBcJHmEwzzgg3LAcfbPvzRrBZMiPsSECdfKtw Ordered!
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