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  1. So much more positive news coming out now - apparently it's up to 90% effective if given as a half dose followed by a full dose a month later
  2. A recent Monmouth University poll found 81% of Trump voters were not confident the election had been conducted fairly and 77% believed Joe Biden only won due to voter fraud.
  3. Good news for those of us north of the border
  4. Yeah, Twitter can be fine if you curate your lists very carefully (and never, ever read the comments - I follow people because I'm interested in what they post, not what complete randoms say back to them)
  5. The government has lost so much trust that the Christmas thing probably pretty much boils down to this now anyway
  6. I think a lot of the vaccine scepticism will be overcome if it becomes a pre-requisite for being allowed to get on a flight, or go to a crowded event, which seems likely imo.
  7. Pretty much agree with this tbh. There's literally nothing Starmer could've done to keep both sides of the party happy once Corbyn stuck his oar in - I supported him fully when he was in charge but he's lost a lot of my respect over this now.
  8. Just like the rest of the population, however most of them just deleted the App and went to work anyway Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't here. Self Isolate = convenient timing yada yada yada Ignores T&T app and doesn't self isolate = one rule for them yada yada yada So we're going on the assumption that you can get covid more than once now? Genuine question. I thought once you had it there was no longer a need to self-isolate? Latest research seems to suggest that the antibodies only last about 12 weeks on average.
  9. There might be the start of a trend, but unlikely to be anything definitive, or sufficiently suppressed that it won't just bounce right back up again - it's one of the reasons the scientists have been saying from the start that a 4 week lockdown wasn't enough and it'll almost certainly have to be extended. Might have to call it something else to get it through parliament this time though.
  10. There's usually at least a 3-4 week delay - Scotland started their stricter measures a month ago now and numbers are just starting to come down.
  11. Fucking hell man, this thread Creased at the thomas origin story
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