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  1. Soopafans are in shambles
  2. Huh? All the evidence points to it being off?
  3. Hahah man, this was after the nuggets! Don’t judge
  4. I thought it would be way easier, but factor in trying to eat them fast, and it's pretty rough, I felt terrible for the rest of the day, until the 10inch pizza lol
  5. ManDoon


    Was it? It's been sound in the week. Weekend day trippers to the K-Park letting us down.
  6. Those quotes, are we fucking Bournemouth or someting. Fuck right off.
  7. I could happily eat junk and nothing else I’m really not about the small portions in posh restaurants at all. Did 35 nuggets yesterday and it pretty painful though, still managed to eat a pizza later though so starvation rations today
  8. Obscene, but I hate black pudding and mushrooms.
  9. Just found out my mate used to work with Leah said she's very sound
  10. Same, I really could eat junk food near enough every day.v
  11. Right?! she's fit, and good at eating. Gotta love it.
  12. A few ants and he's trying to go the hospital, couldn't be me I'm afraid.
  13. That girl from Redditch the current holder, is legit ripped she’s in great shape. Speed is my advantage. Beast can hold deez nuts
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