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  1. I'm living in fear Mark Hoppus is gonna be in this thread. Was watching him talk about his cancer last night, scary.
  2. ManDoon

    Steve Bruce

    Might be a niche market for bald, unatheltic whining Tory gimps, who knows
  3. Top 5 drum intros of all time:
  4. Damn, Joey was the shit. Bad times.
  5. I agree but still I can imagine the energy, mental, physical benefits of juicing are pretty huge and probably addictive which is also a downside I guess
  6. ManDoon


    I'm motivating him.
  7. You know he's trying that shit out in the PL now
  8. Is it? How do you know its 'mainly kids'. Big doubt.
  9. hendrick up front might be the worst thing I think I've ever heard of a manager doing
  10. ManDoon


    Mike really out here vaccinemaxxing.
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