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  1. prob not though he was right about the takeover a while back tbf to him. Dummett did go to school with my nephew, so fuck knows.
  2. My brother so don’t get too excited but he’s not gonna flat out lie to me:
  3. Matt Ritchie as LB in a 4 is a sex crime. Horrible
  4. A prick, a terrible footballer, absolutely zero positional awareness, no athleticism, horrible decision maker, lazy, bald and weird looking.
  5. about as poor a decision as you’re likely to see maybe ever
  6. I don’t disagree that zidane isn’t right for us now. I just massively disagree he hasn’t proven anything. Pep has yeah but you could argue outside of Messi he hasn’t been able to do anything in the CL. I’d say it was the exact opposite, lots of managers fail even with superstars, he did a phenomenal job at Real Madrid, I genuinely don’t think it will ever be repeated. Huge egos and personalities like at Real have to respect the manager. I would take zidane at a time when we had a stacked team, 100 Percent. Just think he’s unfairly maligned for a guy who won 3 successive CLs
  7. ManDoon


    Haha that was him, he had some good stories on there
  8. ManDoon


    Who was the guy on there that reckoned he did security for celebs?
  9. ManDoon


    I used to find it really funny, I still do. I don’t know what would happen in your life to get to a stage where you would randomly make up fictional encounters online.
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