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  1. Brazil will maul Uruguay. Uruguay have been incredibly inept for 1.5 years......Suarez can't carry them all the time. Brazil 4-0 Uruguay.
  2. so that's Higuain to Arsenal then. Tevez will do well in Italian league. I reckon 15 league goals for him. Fiorentina and Napoli are strengthening as well, whereas Inter are stuck with their senile board and disastrous transfer strategy.
  3. How highly do you rate Spanish Segunda as a league mate? Considering he scored 11, and had 17 assists at that level, I don't know how the league compares to Championship for example. Never seen him play, so can't judge. But he'll be replacing Shelvey in the squad whom I expect to be sold for a similar figure.
  4. I think the fans of other teams haven't noticed, but Rodgers totally abandoned the possession football philosophy mid-way through the season. We switched from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 (Not Pardew's version) after signing of Sturridge and started playing counter-attacking football quite often. That doesn't of course mean, we stopped passing the ball, but our build-up plays were a lot quicker. When we played your lot in April, I am sure MOTD showed you had more possession than us in that game
  5. Of course, we wouldn't be able to attract a player of his calibre and talent at our current position. On talent and ability alone, he is a top 10 player. I think, if use the money of his sale properly and spend it on 2-3 young talented players, we'll grow as a team. We were the 3rd highest scorers in the league last season (without Sturridge and Coutinho for half a season), and Rodgers said he wants to add 20 more league goals to the team, so I suppose the plan is to spread the goals among the team. Arsenal did that brilliantly last season after selling RVP. Mkhitaryan seems to fit the
  6. Hadn't felt this gutted for a "neutral" team in years. Hope BVB come back stronger.
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