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  1. 22/23 might be the first season in a while that things feel different Man City possibly getting investigated for shell companies giving fake sponorship deals Liverpool in debt Chelsea no more Abramavich Tottenham have to sell to buy? Arsenal work in progress West Ham tough challenge Man U a crumbling shell of dreams
  2. The ticking time cunt that is Steve Bruce woke up and thought "Where's the bacon and what utter tripe can I say today"
  3. Wait... is that the Irish one from the Football Podcast? EDIT haha holy shit it is. I'm so slow and a little confused he'd be openly dumb on twitter like that.
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm already camped outside the training ground ready to greet him at 4am.
  5. Stay clear of any Man U player and players from relegated teams. Also, don't sign anyone that wears colourful boots. Has a silly haircut. Has a trademark celebration that last longer than a FIFA one. Refers too their Brand. And certainly no one that listens to more than two podcasts.
  6. Ah poor little Liverpool. Screw 'em. They'd be a lot easier to like if I wasn't being told how likeable they are by every time you look at anything football related.
  7. He's a real life Ted Lasso.
  8. Our survival depending on Leeds beating someone. Yeah, no thanks.
  9. Amazing to be indirectly involved and not give any shits about any results.
  10. These state backed football clubs make me sick!
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