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  1. Joelinton is an absolute pile of shit footballer.
  2. Our shirts look like they have a number 4 on the chest. All of them, including the replicas in the crowd.
  3. Govee Immersion kit for my TV! I'm fully Philips Hue, everywhere, so why not add even more LEDs I'll be mounting the camera out of sight and have things like mini ND filter to make the accuracy even better (if needed). Novelty will likely wear off quickly...but the kids will love it for longer.
  4. I mean...I fucking love that Seems to be a tradition, judging by the rabbit hole I narrowly escaped.
  5. LG 65" C1 2K on a 4K TV...that's half price, in my book I bought the 65" CX last year, but my front room took so long to do (and it was just sitting in its box), I took it back before the refund deadline ended. It never saw light
  6. Someone at work took it, and I obviously asked them why: "The mane reason is to hoof this Rona out of me system. It only cost a pony and I won't be saddled with any side effects. There's nay way it'll fail and I still field stable."
  7. POOT 2.0


    Yeh, it's definitely a loud minority. But still damaging.
  8. Horrific illness Gutted for him and his family. He's a legend. I hope he's got plenty of family around.
  9. POOT 2.0

    Your Pet Hates

    A new one for me, and I'm seeing it more and more (obviously). Outdoors Covid observations without the slightest bit of irony that they are also those people. "I went on holiday and it was rammed! People are cunts!" "I went to a party in the city and it was rammed! People are cunts!" I don't have a problem with people going to parties, holidays, etc...it's the sense of high-horsery when they're the very people doing it
  10. It's human nature to focus on the negatives of a given situation. But it's worth noting the vast majority of people in SJP applauded the knee and the boos were the minority. The low frequency of the boos will cover the white noise of applause, on TV. It was absolutely an ignorant few that booed.
  11. Massively appreciate the replies, people
  12. Thanks I love their site and they're on one of my bookmarks. The sheer fun of it How do they know your income without slips?
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