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  1. If you ever see a Tweet in a foreign language...just click on it and once on twitter it'll let you translate it.
  2. Isn't he the guy who had a tear in his eye when they visited the first post-takeover home game?
  3. I swear Mehrdad's hair was jet black when they first came in. NUFC can do that
  4. I know I've clearly got a hard-on for Trippier coming to us...but he never seems to ever to hoof a ball, or "just get something on it". Every touch is a perfectly weighted pass to one of ours. Every header finds our players. Even last-second touches always find a teammate. It's an insane jump up from what we're used to. Imagine if we get the the point of having a team full of players who can accurately pass a ball. It'll be insane. And if it's Howe at the helm...the football we play (with these future players) will be some of the most exciting football we've seen. Surely.
  5. I really hope, while the press are all on about CBs, that we're secretly organising a couple of epic midfielders. A quality DM and CM. I don't think there's any decently strong rumours regarding these positions, apart from Lingard?
  6. POOT 2.0

    Chris Wood

    Edit: Not you, FB Someone else who can't make a point without it being solely an insult to other people's opinions. So 2 games is too little time to judge Chris Wood the striker. But 2 games is enough time to spew some theory about him not being bought mainly for goals...but more for structure Goals being something we've seriously lacked. Gotcha. And people who can't see this are "shitting their pants"?
  7. POOT 2.0

    Chris Wood

    Passed form...he's one in three over his career, yeh. Current form he's a one in seven striker, to be fair. 21 games, 3 goals. I'd go with current form over passed form, any day. But if he bags a few winners...it'll be worth it. As long as his misses don't mean we lose games. He'll eat up the championship, if we go down, though.
  8. Yeh, his full YouTube vid was posted earlier, and it's decent.
  9. Hate the way Twitter vids stay at a shitty bitrate until too late in the clip
  10. POOT 2.0

    Fabian Schär

    Schar should definitely stay here. He's a cut above the rest of our central defenders but often gets hung out by their shittiness. Stick a quality CB next to him and a quality DM in front of him...he'll shine.
  11. POOT 2.0

    Rafa Benítez

    Should be an even spicier atmosphere when Everton come over to SJP, next game. Rafa's mates against the anti-Rafas. Hopefully we open up against them and get a good win.
  12. POOT 2.0


    Came to post that. Funny as fuck
  13. POOT 2.0

    Chris Wood

    Yeh, you'd hope so. Could be the difference between staying up or going down. Priceless, if that's the case.
  14. Whoever put that audio on that vid, so badly, needs burning alive But yeh, HBA is still a silky skilled MF. Looks the same aged guy who was with us
  15. POOT 2.0

    Chris Wood

    I think the reason the fee matters, to some, is we clearly don't have a bottomless bank account and while the club struggle to get genuine quality in, seemingly over a few million difference of opinions, his fee seems steep and possibly inhibitive to those transfers. But none of us know if those stories are true or not. I suspect not. But this might be a reason the fee is mentioned I don't personally care about the money involved. But I don't see anything to prove my initial opinion wrong...yet.
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