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  1. Danielson apparently already signed with AEW and Punk imminent. Might have to start watching instead of just reading.
  2. Karma for all your dull as fuck posts about playing it with your mate, I reckon.
  3. Now if everyone could stop quoting the cunts, that'd be amazing...
  4. Ahahaha, amazing. Cheers for this. Bye forever ToonArmy1892, manorpark, Joey Linton, Fantail Breeze, Whitley mag, GWN 👋🏻
  5. Absolute whopper in knocking about with other absolute whoppers shocker. My huckle detector is off the charts here.
  6. What was/were your previous username/s? Congratulations on being old btw, some achievement that.
  7. Clearly mentally ill like, needs serious help. Will undoubtedly be exposed as a toucher in the near future as well.
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