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  1. Wor Jackie could do with some new boots, preferably with spikes…
  2. I hope everyone attending/watching today has a special feeling returned in their heart, soul and mind today, this is the REstart of getting our club back, Howay The Lads!
  3. Surprised they haven’t been racially abused or locked up for terrorism offences. World has gone mad!
  4. It’s cold in Newcastle, they get their ice from a busted drain pipe. The wheelie bins though were likely stolen from someone’s back lane…
  5. Clifton is a hotel in gods green earth that is Elswick/West of Newcastle and no shower is likes of @wormypaying to stay there then not showering up, that and there is no shower facilities there, just ice bath wheelie bins.
  6. Aye, pouring money into the Saudi capital while the local scum areas can’t even afford a bit leccy
  7. I’ve heard a rumour, and it’s a rumour only, that KK will be here today as a ‘surprise’ guest of honour, I absolutely hope so, but can’t see it. If he is, well, this will make my fucking last 14 years!
  8. HTT II

    Wor Flags

    So if Wor flags can get a flag hyem for today from Yurop, why are our shelves empty and I can’t guarantee Xmas for my boys? Hmmm…
  9. Nah that was the West Ham/Jonas game we won and stayed up, then the season after the horse was bolted to the cart we went back down…
  10. He looks old, but kind of well, and what a beautiful head of hair and I’ve started taking CBD capsules for anxiety and they work a treat. A man after my own heart, again and again…
  11. Relegation day first time under Ashley was pretty full on and intense, the media gushing over the fact we were potentially going to be relegated which of course we dully were.
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