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  1. Like fuck are we staying up man
  2. Needs a 3 in the topic title…
  3. Where have I mentioned Howe? The man has an impossible task and this isn’t his fault, but I won’t abide by this kind of absolute diabolical performance no matter who it’s under.
  4. A performance, not a win, just something, this is a nothing performance again, again and again and again.
  5. Aye and one of them come to us and he’s been a waste of fucking air!
  6. I don’t care, we have been shit, are shit, and deserve this. Fucking abysmal performance again!
  7. Nah this is inexcusable to just fucking sit off and do fuck all like!
  8. Shouldn’t it be relegationometer 3?
  9. Another one in the long long long list of shite performances from NUFC, we have been absolute diabolical, no excuses to play this way.
  10. Do we fuck, what having 11 men behind the ball at all times is organised? Bull shit!
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