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  1. Bump. (off the back of the Bruno deal).
  2. I don't think so no. Not yet anyway.
  3. Reckon a half decent DoF Would have offered Reims an additional 10m or whatever it was for their striker if we won the Champions League?! None of us are experts in buying footballers here but surely a competent DOF could have helped bring in more than 2 players after 25 days, especially when the target was 5-6 players (apparently).
  4. Everything OK at home mate?
  5. Ideally get in a DOF who can actually negotiate a transfer would be a help first and foremost!
  6. Waughs already tweeted that it's on the table and yet to be accepted or rejected. We all knows its gonna be Edwards with a, "info I'm hearing is the Bruno deal is dead in the water. Newcastle could do a lot worse than Will Hughes this window, however.." kinda tweet.
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