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Suggestion/Feedback -- trim the fat from the board


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Inspired by this thread

Just putting this out there as a list of things I on the board that I  could personally do without.  I mean, I really like the new site, but until it's running on its own quad xeon server with 4 gigs of ram us freeloaders can definitely make some sacrifices for performances sake. 


Now, I've no experience with SMF so I'm not sure how hard editing the post templates is, but I'm certian you could trim at least 10 to 20k  off of every page full of replies and lord knows how many db calls.  I think average thread page size right now is somewhere near 80-100k, so losing 12.5-20% of that would surely help.  Anyways, here goes. 


1) Don't show who's browsing a thread at the top.  Why do I need to know that?  It's nice, but not needed. 


2) Remove the Stars, and that " [>Online]  Online " status bars from under a users avatar in a post.  I read somewhere else postcounts are leaving too, but we needn't stop there :)


3) At the top of every reply in a thread is the text:

  RE: [thread title]

  << Reply #xx on: Yesterday at xx-xx-xx PM >>

  I realize that its original intent is to help people keep track of tangents in threads but let's face it we'll just start a new one if we need to anyway :tongue3:  Nor do we need to know what reply # a certian persons post is/was.  Just time time and date of the reply please. 


4) The forum "jumpto" box in the bottom right corner.  I won't lose any sleep if it's gone -- I mean, it's 1 freakin extra click to get to a forum.


5) Remove the "users online", "calendar", "forum stats"  and "NUFC Forum - Info Center" features on the forums front page.  The front page of most forums is the biggest source of unnecessary load and think about it -- why do guests need to see that information?  If we must keep it, reserve the showing of it for registered members. 


6) Keeping that in mind, change the User Center div in the page header to an uncollapsable table of static links to Inbox,  Profile, Calendar etc.  Cull the total time logged in, "responses to posts you've made" etc.  Neat features but they can be sacked for the time being. 


7) Similarly the "News Alert" box up there.  That text can go elsewhere and frankly I'd never look there for an alert -- I'm more likely seeking out a stickied post in one of the forums.


Really that'd be an excellent start.  I hope this post isn't coming off as "Hey HTT  here are 7 reasons this board sucks, fix them!"  -- these are just 7 things I, and I imagine 90% of the board, could do without that would definitely have a positive impact on server load and bandwidth. 

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The board can cope with almost everything thrown at it apart from the database calls and from those tips I think only one of those involves information being picked from the database. We really are just waiting for 2gb of ram to be stuck in the server and it should be working so taking all of that stuff away just to then add it again seems a massive pain in the neck when I've still plenty to do :) Thanks for the ideas though I'll look through them and try to implement some of them.

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Why don't you USE the News Alert box in the Top RH corner?


Here we are with serious news this morning and what do we have?  A "Welcome and sign up" message..................... 


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Cause that's what the front page of the site is for. We might of course once the site is nearly all done. Do you think people would look at it ? I think most people ignore it, mine isn't even on the screen I've used the big arrow thing to hide User/Member Center and the news box.

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