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Flight of the Conchords


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rhymenosaurus and hiphoppotpotamus


"I'm the hiphoppototamus

my lyrics are bottomless






brilliant. And the French music take-off in episode 8 is just superb.

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Guest elbee909

Murray is awesome. :lol:


"Don't be such a... dickhead"




The slight pause before he swears - that's just such excellent comic acting.  It's like swearing is just way too extreme for a New Zealander like Murray.


I'd love copies of the posters.  "New Zealand... don't expect much - you'll love it."

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Jim, you're best off disabling the linking code in that post, the site won't allow hotlinking.


It won't work if people click the link, they've got to copy the address and paste it in to the address bar themselves.


ah well...:(


Yeah, well, you've given the advice to the good people, let them heed it themselves. Its a good track though, the site keeps hinting at being able to download said MP3s, is there a way I can do it from that link? I'd quite like it as my ringtone.

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Watched their show last year was really good. Still prefer the stand up thing they did though.


Humans are dead is still the best


Quoted for spoton-edness

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