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Flight of the Conchords


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Guest elbee909

The series is good but the songs in the series aren't as good as they are live. The live version of "The humans are dead" is miles better than the TV show version.


Yeah, know what you mean - I can watch either really, I'm glad they did a TV show while still retaining their soul and identity though, rather than those live acts/stand-ups that end up on TV doing a shitty sitcom or whatever.

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Guest optimistic nit

Is there another series of the TV show planned?


Second season should've started last week had it not been for the strike :(


i'm not really one for being an internet twat but its on the same bloody page only 4 or 5 posts down from the opening one ;) :razz:

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First episode of the second season has apparently had it's "online premier", though it's only for US residents.

Starts airing January 18.

Where is this available online. Entertaining stuff.


edit: Actually I've found it as the first result for "flight of conchords online premier" on Google, so never mind.

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