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Flight of the Conchords


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got two tickets for the manchester 11/5


Wooooooooooooooo fooooooooooooking hoooooooooooooooo


were you sitting?


at the time I was. :dowie:


Tbh I dont know, my mate bought them.

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Mel and Dave from the show are going to be there as well btw in case you missed that.  They're both stand-ups so I'm guessing they'll be supporting rather than a Mighty Boosh type of thing, as the Conchords thing's a musical gig from what I've gathered.

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TONIGHT! :celb: :celb: :celb: :frantic: :frantic: :celb: :celb:


Enjoy it was epic.


During hurt feelings...


Bret "Have you ever been mocked for... ah shit"


Jermaine " Bret have you ever been mocked for forgetting the words?"


Jermaine " Dont laugh at my friend bret and hut his feelings"


Bret Gets his words right


Jermaine "Have you ever been oh for fuck sake"

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