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Computer has AIDS


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Just posted this on Toontastic too, but I need as many people to read it as possible as i'm baffled!




Right, my PC has been playing up for a while now and randomly turns itself on and off when it feels like it. The other day I had just dropped off to sleep to hear it turn itself on.   :roll:


Anyway, its now gone mental and when I boot up through the black screens at the start a blue screen now comes up that I can't get out of without resetting. It says:


"A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to protect your computer.




Then a few more lines about running it in safe mode, but even when I try that it just ends up back on this blue screen.


Any ideas? Cheers in advance.  :)

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Guest Verlaine

How brilliant is the first post on that link Wullie gave?!


'I hate to see my girlfriend bored because her PC won't work.'

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Guest Snoopy

I got the same thing on my old laptop months ago and unfortunately, I can't get the bugger to work again. I got the Sasser virus on mine like, so that might be why mine is knackered.

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