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amputate message from Andy Dwyer


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Hi, forfeit


University Diplomas

No required tests, classes, books, or interviews.

Please call:



campanile awash tension pellagra residuum antagonistic flourish briefcase clio pablo

flatware emissivity, provocation forty novice paint pliancy youngstown brainwash sand asphyxiate null

coset altercate .parsimony suppressible leucine lost seance marshall thoreau ubiquity obtain

setback! muzo goer. spiky waffle kochab alp nemesis stripe. factual ferromagnet crupper vulture.


Your Andy



Also "re: your resume" messages from Svetlana, Simnit, Papa, Thsun and Tadmor.




I think they are messages from aliens, can someone please send them this message:


Hi, four feet


Snibbety. cunkerville. ranbowdee. shninkle. cobarting. fankustangly. runky. puntnanny. thuryious. slamungfy. ankunvile. bistidafly. orgtingular


Your Rehhagel



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