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The entire premise of Jail pt 2 is to stand against cancel culture and to assume a person is innocent until proven guilty.


Now, once proven guiltt, that gamble could be horrible for the legacy of the sobg - or he could just remove it from the album or remove Manson's lines from the song and add his own from Jail pt 1.

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I can't get over how good Donda is. It's not an album full of hits, but it's Kanye delving into the realm of depression, mid-life crisis, mental illness and paranoia. I hate how people just go "Kanye is weird" instead of looking at the art behind the choices, such as during the listening party in Chicago when he put himself on fire. It was all "Kanye is on fire now" rather than the steady descent into being unable to contain all his emotions on the inside as he exploded into flames from being unable to deal with his own depressive thoughts by just simply pushing them away. 


"Everybody hurts, I don't judge no rentals" says it all about how far Kanye has come. Granted, it's a very different Kanye compared to the one who did judge rentals.

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