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Classic FA Cup football Monday


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Everton-Liverpool 2/20/91

Southampton-Spurs 3/1/95

Arse-Manure 4/14/99

Spurs-Man City 2/4/04

Arse-Manure 2005 FA Cup final


All of these are gonna be on TV on Labor Day on FSC, and I only know the result of the last 2(greatest comeback ever and all that) so don't spoil the rest.  But does anyone remember if any of these other games were any good and worth watching?

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That Everton v Liverpool one was a canny game. I remember that. Ill not spoil it for you, but it was a good one.


Southampton v Spurs - If it's the one I think it is, then you're in for a treat. I've no particular thing for either team, but as a neutral, it was a fantastic game.


Arsenal v Man U - Yeah, that one was fairly decent, so yeah, I'd watch all of them.


When the hell is your Labour Day btw, as International Labour Day was in May.

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It's on Monday, and they didn't really do any advertising for it until this weeekend.  I think FSC has purchased the rights to a lot of old "FA Archives" stuff.  Like when they showed the 96  bluecry.gif, 01, and 04 Charity Shields before this year's.  I was lying down when I saw the ad come on but I immediatley jumped up because I was certain they'd include Leicester-Newcastle from 97, but it wasn't to be  bluecry.gif

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