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Who's ill?


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Not ill as such but had high blood pressure all my adult life and now I'm an old fucker with a massively stressful job they're doing something about it. First lot of medication hasn't had enough effect so they were looking at additional ones today. Doctor said that there's a by-the-book route which may have complications of slightly swollen ankles, or a magical new one which will solve all my woes but might additionally in rare cases rot my cock and knackers off :lol: 


He was pushing the magical new one pretty hard but it was not a tough call, have to be honest



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On 19/01/2023 at 15:25, Disco said:

Good lord; it would appear that every part of my body has decided to cease working all at once. Was hallucinating, sweating, shivering and in absolute bits through the night and I had more solid shits when I was taking industrial strength laxatives than I am currently. Totally broken.


Don't get gastroenteritis kids. 

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