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Guest maddog

Hey mate


Will PM you websites where you can get DVDs from  :winking: :winking:


Now these are websites where you get these totally copyright-free legally-downloadable DVDS ( :winking:  :winking: :winking:), you search for them.


If you just want to watch a movie without any shizzfest attached files marked DVDRip/ending with .avi with file sizes around 700mb are the ones you download.


If you want a complete DVD, one which you download and burn to a blank DVD and then put it in a DVD player, you'll go for those files with DVD next to their titles. They are around 4/4.5 gb and take awhile to download unless you have a fast braodband connection.


Now how to download.


When you click on the file you want to download, it will download a small tracker file to your hard disk. Now open Bitcomet and open that file using Bitcomet. Then it will start the download. That's it.

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Cheers maddog, so am i able to put the .avi's onto dvd or will the quality not be great?


Look for something called "DVD Santa" it's free (at least I never paid for my version), the quality will be the same as the .avi file.


It takes ages, by the way.

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