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Chelsea Sign Anelka - £15m, 4 & half year deal - SSN

Guest michaelfoster

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Paris Saint-Germain

Arsenal - £500,000

Real Madrid - £22,300,000

Paris Saint-Germain - £20,000,000

Liverpool - loan

Manchester City - £12,000,000

Fenerbahçe - £7,000,000

Bolton Wanderers - £8,000,000

Chelsea - £15,000,000


and still only 28

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TBF it's his choice if he constanly wants new jobs a different clubs. He's been a success at almost everyone of them and has probably had more experiances than any other footballer in the world.


His brother is a greedy little bastard though.

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Seems an amazing price for someone who was seemingly finished and floating around from Liverpool to Man City a couple of years ago.


Finished? He got 25 goals in a season for us man.....he is and always has been a tremendous player...absolutely no suprise that teams continue to fork out for him.

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Anelka's Transfer Fees:


Arsenal to Real Madrid - 22 million

Real Madrid to PSG - 20 million

PSG to Man City - 12 million

Man City to Fenerbache - 7 million

Fener to Bolton - 8 million

Bolton to Chelsea - 15 million


Total: 84 million in transfer fees

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Guest philinho

Great signing for Chelsea.  Man Utd should have been in there for him too really.


Drogba and Anelka upfront will ruin a lot of teams.


Man Utd are after Huntelaar apparently.

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