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One year ago today...

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Guest toon army

it is the biggest joke!! a would rather have souness in charge his signings weren't that bad!!!! bernard has been released from rangers thers our new left back!!!

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Guest helios_centric

I was thinking of making one up and textnig my brother a wind-up signing but now there really is no need.


Sibierski? At least it added some humour to a pretty dark day.

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Guest teepee


Don't know too much about him if it's true




I'll give you a clue: He's shite.


And no, he can't head a ball. Scored one headed goal that I can remember (Spectacular long range one to be fair). Also as slow as a 3 legged donkey running backwards in quicksand. Good pro to be fair, always worked hard and never complained about being played all over the place - or dropped - as he has been, completely, for every game this season. There will be much rejoicing in this part of the world if this is true.


Sorry, but I burst out laughing when I read this.


:lol: Me as well.




i seriously wish  that i could just stop supporting us until this nightmare is over..... jesus fuckin christ man, this is as low as i've felt in ages

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