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Would all users now please use this board http://ventura.unitedhosting.co.uk/~admin223/nufcforum/ rather than here. The board has also posts apart from the last 7 days and they won;t be coming back. I'll leave this board up for a while to give people a chance to get posts if they want them. Please bookmark that name as obviously it's not as obvious as this name at the minute though we will go back to this name in a short while. Basically we are moving the message board to a new server and this is probably the best way to do it. So from now on please post on the new forum http://ventura.unitedhosting.co.uk/~admin223/nufcforum/


Also if you are a new member who has only just signed up in the last 7 days you may be missing from the new board so I'm afraid you will have to sign up again.




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