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Actor Chris Langham charged


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Actor Chris Langham charged with indecent assault - BBC NEWS


Actor Langham on assault charges


Comic actor Chris Langham has been charged with eight counts of indecent assault and one other sexual offence, Kent Police have said. Mr Langham, from Cranbrook in Kent, was previously charged in May with 15 separate counts of making indecent images of children. Mr Langham received the new charges upon answering bail at a police station in Kent.




In a statement, the married actor said he was "determined to clear my name". In a further statement issued through the BBC, Mr Langham said he will withdraw from all BBC projects "until these matters are resolved". He has been bailed to appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court on Thursday.


Mr Langham won a Bafta for best comedy performance in May this year. The award was for his portrayal of government minister Hugh Abbot in the BBC series The Thick of It.  Earlier on Wednesday, the corporation confirmed the actor would not be returning in a special Christmas edition of the programme. But a BBC spokeswoman denied he had been axed from the show, and said his absence was due to the show's focus on Tory politicians. "It was always our intention to shoot a Christmas special that was about the Opposition, and Chris was never going to be in that," she said.


Mr Langham is a familiar face on BBC television shows, including his spoof documentary series People Like Us, which transferred to the small screen from BBC Radio 4. He has previously been honoured at the British Comedy Awards and the Sony Radio Awards and by the Writers' Guild of America for co-writing The Muppet Show from 1977 to 1980. Mr Langham has also written for Not The Nine O'Clock News, Murder Most Horrid and Spike Milligan's Q series.




Shame...always liked him in The Thick Of it, People Like Us, Help Now it seems some of the mud is starting to stick and I feel as disappointed as a Gary Glitter fan must have done - not a pleasant feeling :(

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Christmas special was broadcast tonight, does anyone know when the new season will begin?


Dunno. I think they're probably waiting to see what happens. The Christmas Special set it up nicely so that the fate of Hugh Abbot could go either way. Whatever happens to Chris Langham there will be another series, its just a case of will he be in it or not.


The Crimbo special was pretty good. I like the way they had the opposition featured as well. I hope that gets kept.

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Closest thread I could find, but it seems like The Thick of It is back on, the new movie with many of the original actors (if not quite the same characters) called In the Loop has premiered at Sundance with apparently positive reviews.  It centers around some kind of diplomatic events between the US and the UK.  Also, there's apparently another season coming up for broadcast later this year.


Just been watching the original episodes again, it's fucking brilliant, and it just reminded me of the show and its future.  I guess Chris Langham won't feature again though.

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