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Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

Happy Face

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Oh man the album came out today!


I didn't think they could top the first album...but they have! It rocks my ****ing socks off!


Kickapoo (the first track) even has MEATLOAF ...AND DIO singin' on it? Don't get much better than that....

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Slightly dissappointed tbh.


After Kickapoo I thought I was going to get a good old fashioned rock opera of epic proportion but it just fizzles out into a random assortment of their old stuff from the tv show and a few new tracks.


Classico is the best song on any album this year though, so it's peaks and troughs.  :lol:

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Aye classico actually makes me laugh out loud at the end haha brilliant.


There are some songs that i'm not too hot to right now but i'll keep playing this album over and over so i'm sure i'll love them all very soon.


The 24th can't come soon enough...that movie is gonna be immense!

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