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Will that NASTY Mr. Keegan DESTROY poor little Oba by STEALING his No.9 shirt?


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Say it is the summer, and we've secured safety, and Ashley lets Keegan chase a high profile striker.


Will Keegan use the number nine shirt as one of his bargaining chips, and take Martins' shirt to give to this player, just like he did to Ferdinand all those years ago?


And if he did, how do people reckon Martins will react?


In my opinion, Martins will never be the type of player (type, not quality) that suits the shirt, and I would personally offer it. I also think though that Martins wouldn't take it as well as Ferdinand did.

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Seeing that taking away his number 9 would be a public statement that he's not good enough, I reckon it'd be a very bad idea.


Like Les Ferdinand you mean ??


Well, three points there.


1) Keegan was somewhat making an exception for Shearer, as a Geordie hero, which he hoped would sugar the pill somewhat for Sir Les.

2) According to Keegan himself, Ferdinand still wasn't that happy.

3) The whole gesture was a statement - the first of many - that Shearer was a special case. As time went on, that special status he had within the club became more and more of a problem.


So overall, not the best idea in hindsight.

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don't give a monkies how Martins would react. He's not worthy of wearing that number.


Oh be quiet.


So it's true what they say about black cocks, eh Wullie? :lol:


Have you posted this in the wrong thread?

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