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The Sopranos


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Didnt see a thread on this so far, forgive me if there is.

So what do you think so far, dont wanna spoil the first episode for anybody so wont say too much...considering this is the final series what do you thinks gonna happen? 2nd episode was a bit slow tbh as you would expect. Thank f**k the Sopranos is back on though, especially with all these breaks between the lost episodes in the US  bluebigrazz.gif

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First episode was brillant, i'm downloading the 2nd one now and Bluf mate i think they're making 7 specials or summit after Series 6 were no doubt Tony will probably die of a heart attack

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Yeah I heard there is going to be a film at the end of this series? 1st episode was amazing, the hanging scene was brutal and the end was a bit unexpected to say the least! 2nd episode a bit dull but quite interesting seeing whats going on in Tony's head. Cant really see where this series is going yet though I dont think Vito's going to last too long...

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First episode was as class as ever, but I can't believe you're all saying the second episode was slow.  I thought it was some of the most brilliant television drama I've EVER seen.


The insistence of the writers that these characters won't learn a lesson is what sticks with me.  On three occasions in episode two I was anticipating AJ breaking down into tears.  That he'd beg his father to get well and insist he'd stop being the little shit he's always been.  If he had, it would have been immensley gratifying, but more gratifying was that when he eventually faced up to his father's plight it didn't give him any personal insight whatsoever.  Instead he remained the crass individual the brilliant writing has created and insisted that he would get Junior for it before using the short moment of gained motherly respect to break the news of being thrown out of school.  Perfect.  I normally wait for the entire series to come out on DVD and watch it in one sitting, can't believe I have to wait a week for episode 3.


When you look at popular films, the difference in class with popular television is huge, and The Sopranos is by far the best of the crop.

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Hmm now that you mention it Nic it seems that was excellent television, didnt see it at the time but I was looking for more  action after the first crazy episode; might actually watch it again. What did you make of Tony's dreaming while hes in the coma?

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Hmm now that you mention it Nic it seems that was excellent television, didnt see it at the time but I was looking for more  action after the first crazy episode; might actually watch it again. What did you make of Tony's dreaming while hes in the coma?


I love the psychology of the show, I normally get it completely wrong but from the first 2 episodes it looks like the final series is going to be all about trying to escape.....and failing.


I found it interesting that when salesman Soprano phoned his wife, it wasn't Carmela but the goomah he killed a few seasons back (she also appeared as his analyst last season in a dream where they laughed about how he'd killed her).  The dream seemed to be pointing to the fact that he's sick of it all, he wants the normal life away from the pressure (which Carmela goes along with).  But that can't be the case, because as a civilian everything he touches turns to shit.  His dream tells him if he turned his back on it all he'd hate every second of it.  He wants to get away from it, but can't abide what the results would be.


Then you have the bloke that hung himself.  A seemingly dead end story because the guy is dead.  I think it's only purpose was to foreshadow Tony's demise.  A guy who wanted to get out with all his heart, and craved the normal life.  If he couldn't make it with such a clear idea of what's best for him, how does Tony have a chance when he hasn't got a clue what he wants?


The one thing Tony does know, is that he doesn't want this life for his kids, but it's looking more and more like the only path for AJ.  Will Tony try and get out for the sake of his son?  Will Tony's death drag AJ further into it?  The episode titles and promotion photos give clues as well. Episode one was called Members Only, episode two is Join The Club.  Later there is Live Free or Die.  This shot suggests everyone else is in 'the club', except Tony.




"And now, I gotta turn my back on you" - Paul Cicero (Goodfellas)

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There's some excellent analysis on the IMDB Sopranos boards,  I particularly liked these two....


Tony wakes in his hotel room and sees the airport beacon in the distance. It's not the usual white light, but a golden light...Heaven.


He goes to the bar to pass time...purgatory.


He sees news footage of Costa Mesa on fire...Hell.


He's told by the bartender it's dead here...land of the dead.


He tries to enter the conferance, but is denied.


The military figure exits...the devil.


He returns to the bar and is invited to join a group of others where he tells his life story to the crowd. An obviously impressed woman tells him to join the club...join normal, non evil society. He leaves w the angelic woman and wants to go w her, but she tells him he cant go. He replies if I were someone else (ie Tony the mobster) it would be a done deal. She says his love for his family prevents this.


He returns to the omni and as stated by another here, omni means mutidirectional. Tony the mobster was supposed to die and go to hell, but someone else has taken his place.


Now he must make a decision which direction he will take. Tony is being given a second chance, but he must decide where he will go. He goes down the steps...towards hell, but falls on the fifth floor.


There have been five seasons prior to this in which tony has been descending into hell. Now he is at a crossroads and must decide, "who am I, where am I

going?" At the hospital he states "I'm lost" He returns to the omni and wants to call home for help, but hesitates. This is a decision he must make on his own


let's dig WAAAY deeper into symbolism:

He is also apparently in the military contractor business, so it can be argued that he's still involved with death and murder. Also, he is still capable of cheating on his wife. I think the writers are showing the point that in the end, sin is sin, and once you get to the end it doesn't matter if you make your decisions in a boardroom or the back of a stripclub. I guess it's some social commentary.


In Dante Inferno, it is said there are 7 layers or circles of hell that Dante traveled through to get to paradise.


Tony was placed on the 7th floor(or circle)... the circle for those who are violent


He's sinking further and further into the depths. Trying to get back by taking the stairs and leaving the 7th floor (circle, soul)


He fell down the stairs between the 5th and 4th floor. The 5th circle is wrath and 4th is greed


Also, if you recall the first episode opened with William Burroughs spoken word recording "Seven Souls"


From the Seven Souls...Number five is Ka, the Double, most closely associated with the subject.


The 1st circle is limbo and from there he can escape, when he stop acepting his fate and fights back and finds his breifcase.


His double who took his breifcase, or as Tony out it "My whole LIFE is in there"

That guy's name was Kevin Finnerty, to which the man at the bar jokes "Kev-Infinity"


By the way Kevin Finnerty is a heating salesman from the hottest state, Arizona. No need to go further there. Arizona is also on the Driver's License as AZ or a-z, the beginning to the end.


Dante's divine comedy is divided into three parts, corresponding with Dante's three journeys: Inferno, or "hell" ; Purgatorio, or "Purgatory"; and Paradiso, or "Paradise."


Consider that Tony is now in the second of the three journeys -- his life on earth has been Dante's hell and all it is comprised of (the seven circles of hell: Circle One, Those in limbo; Circle Two - The lustful; Circle Three, The gluttonous; Circle Four - The hoarders;

Circle Five - The wrathful; Circle Six - The heretics

Circle Seven - The violent), he is now in purgatory, and is making his final journey to Paradiso.


On Easter Sunday, Dante emerges from hell. Through his travels, he has found his way to God and is able, once more, to look upon the stars.

Perhaps this is Tony's path.

Sunday April 16?

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Just managed to read the first one (bit busy at work), seems to be spot on - also remember Carmella saying to Tony in the hospital how she didnt mean it when she told him he was going to rot in hell, well I can see later on in this series Carmella 'trying to rescue him from hell' so to speak, especially when he comes out of this coma and she realises how important it is to take him away from all this.

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Episode three was a good one too.


In white:  Couldn't help but get the initial impression that they were going to have Tony in that coma forever.  And just play the series like that, but good news he does come out of it.  Seems he'll be a bit fucked for a while they, and I reckon the ambitions of a few 'captains' may make them make premature moves to oust him in his bugger state. 


Have to admit, the dreams were starting to get on my nerves a bit.  Did feel like it was never going to end, but glad it did.

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I loved the dreams in episode 2, but in episode 3 it was all a bit obvious.  Walking into the light and seeing all his family.  Apparently he will be back to his mean self next week.  Just in Hospital.


Once again though, Pauly Walnuts was the star of the show.  He has to get his own spin off sitcomm.

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Heh Pauly is such a funny character, what do you reckon to the movie thing that Chris is trying to pull off, i think Tony's not gonna be too happy with that one. something bads gonna happen to Vito at some point soon I think also, hes being a bit too sly about everything and somethings gonna backfire on him.

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Good to see Tony on his feet again.  Not an amazing episode mind, but still good nonetheless.


While not exactly a classic of 'Pine Barrens' proportions I still loved episode 4.


The whole talk about prayer helping made me laugh after the thread on here.

Paulie's face in the photo at the dump. blueyes.gif

"Oh my god!  I just found Jimmy Hoffa" bluelaugh.gif

Shot in the arse  bluelaugh.gif (the Gangsta's are going to be after Bobby)

"If the history of the planet was represented by the Empire State building, the time that human beings had been on earth would only be a postage stamp at the very top!  You realise how insignificant that makes us?"

"I don't feel that way" bluelaugh.gif

"No way, T-Rex in the garden of Eden?  Adam and Eve would be running all the time, scared shitless but the bible says it was paradise" bluelaugh.gif

Carmella telling Tony about Vito  :thup:

Paulie getting all sad  bluecry.gif

Paulie getting the money for his ma's home off the lad  bluecry.gif

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Guest Gemmill

I thought they dragged the Kevin Finnerty thing out an episode too long.  But it's still easily the best show on TV.


HF, I see you've been reading books about TV Shows too. ;)

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