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Had a galaxy s9 from gumtree for about 2 and a half years.


Now at the stage where I can’t see the screen in the day. There is image burn. As well. I moved from iPhone se to this s9 due to the SE battery only working when on charge.


Bought another SE gen 2 2020 128g for £90 from gumtree yesterday. 89% battery health and pristine condition.


The data transfer was smooth as a whistle. It is like a top of the range phone in comparison to that S9.


I will never leave iPhone again.



Oh and wow. People selling second hand phones for a bag of sand. Ludicrous.


I’m like a dog with 4 dicks with this 2 year old phone. 😂



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Need some boffin help. Had to

change my Microsoft password and since then emails aren’t downloading on outlook. I get the notification on my Home Screen then when I open the app it says it’s downloading messages but they never appear. Any tips? 

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