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Guest BlacknWhiteArmy

Aye, it's decent stuff. I liked the style of it. Some of the stuff set on Coruscant and away from the battle's really interesting actually.

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Maybe because I grew up with the PT I find it harder to criticise them. I mean, any fault you can find with them (except maybe the overuse of special effects) you could point at the OT as well. And RotS > RotJ. I don't give a f*** it is. 5,4,3,6,2,1.


Problem with the new films is that there are no "rogues" in it no Han Solo or Lando, everything is sanitized. Plus it takes three films to get to Anakin being Vader when in reality he should have fallen half way through the second film so we had a full third film of him being bad ass.


Also the climatic fight in the lava is absurd with all the flying around on the floating platforms. Should have been a straight up knock down and drag out. But instead we get a lot of flashy cgi and pyrotechnics.


Plus whats all that bollocks about midichloreans and the prophecy and balance to the force none of it makes any sense at all.

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