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Milton Road Fight Club AKA SCUM!

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Guest Geordiesned

Below is a link to an extremely violent video on Youtube.com and the front page article from yesterday's Sunday Sun. I'm amazed that this video has not yet been withdrawn from the site. The 2 wankers involved deserve to be locked away.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBJW03aYejk - WARNING - VIDEO CONTAINS SCENES OF A VICIOUS ATTACK




Government backs campaign

Oct 22 2006

By Sarah Robertson, The Sunday Sun


Our campaign to stop internet firm YouTube publishing violent videos on its website has been backed by the Government.


In last week's Sunday Sun we revealed how one clip, called Milton Road Fight Club, showed a man being subjected to a vicious assault in Hartlepool.


Local MP Iain Wright was so appalled when he saw last week's Sunday Sun he raised the matter with House of Commons leader Jack Straw.


He urged Mr Wright to raise the matter when the Violent Crimes Reduction Bill is discussed in Parliament this week, and push for a possible amendment to the Bill.


Mr Wright will have backing from the region's MPs, who have pledged their support for our "No To Net Violence" campaign.


He said: "I am more than happy to help the campaign and I am grateful to the Sunday Sun for raising it.


"When I saw the footage I was shocked. It is a violent assault and I cannot believe that, with a few checks, anyone can look at that.


"I do not agree with censorship but, in this instance of real scenes of violence, it is acceptable.


"In the next couple of days I will be going through the House fairly quickly to table amendments to the Bill to change the law so this sort of thing is stopped.


"A child or young person can go on the internet and see this clip of some thugs. The internet is a fantastic tool, but when it comes to that - seeing someone being kicked in the face - we cannot be encouraging that.


"I think we need to clamp down on this quickly."


In our probe last week it took only 30 minutes to discover three horrific amateur videos depicting violence on the region's streets, including the Milton Road attack.


Posted two weeks ago, the clip shows the attacker confronting another man and shouting: "You and me, now. I said, You and me, now. I'll kill you."


The victim tries to back away and is punched in the face.


He runs along a main road before his attacker rugby tackles him to the ground and kicks him in the face.


Set up 18 months ago, YouTube has become one of the most visited websites and was recently bought by search engine Google for £883m.


It allows users to upload, view and share video and music, but includes amateur videos, some of which show young people in potentially dangerous situations.


The Violent Crimes Bill will be debated in the Commons on Wednesday.


It tackles activities such as the manufacturing, sale and possession of imitation firearms and restricting the movements of anyone convicted of alcohol-related acts of violence.



YouTube assault man found


The victim of a vicious assault has been tracked down by detectives, thanks to the Sunday Sun.


Last week we alerted cops to a graphic video posted on website YouTube showing a thug beating a man and threatening to kill him.


After discovering the disturbing footage of the assault in a rundown area close to Hartlepool town centre, we called police who promised to investigate.


And detectives yesterday revealed they had identified the victim, who had given a statement about the ordeal in a bid to help them catch his attacker. The clip, called Milton Road Fight Club, was posted in the comedy section of the website three weeks ago and has been viewed more than 1000 times.


It shows the victim being kicked and punched in the head in broad daylight as bystanders look on in disbelief. The victim, who tries to avoid an altercation, backs away, but as he does so, is punched in the face. The attacker can then be heard saying "oops-a-daisy".


It is believed the footage was captured on a mobile phone before being posted on YouTube.


A Cleveland Police spokesman said yesterday: "We have identified the person assaulted and he has given a statement. Inquiries are continuing to trace the culprit."



MPs condemn sick internet violence


The Sunday Sun's "No To Net Violence" campaign received cross- party support last night.


Every MP we contacted backed our call for a ban on violent videos on websites such as YouTube through an amendment to the Violent Crimes Reduction Bill, which is being discussed in Parliament this week.


Hilary Armstrong, MP for North West Durham, said: "Jack Straw has made the Government's position on this issue clear.


"Legislation already exists to cover the type of assault shown on the website, however, we certainly find internet videos like this unacceptable and I welcome him highlighting this issue as part of the Violent Crime Bill debate."


Alan Beith, Liberal Democrat MP for Berwick, Northumberland, said: "I am glad the Sunday Sun has raised this issue and praise its campaign, but the ban needs to be on an international basis - not just Britain - and Google needs to do this by editing the site properly now they have taken over."


Vera Baird, Labour MP for Redcar, east Cleveland, said: "There is significant research to show there is a direct link between violent videos and behaviour and, in the Jamie Bulger case, the children had been watching violent videos.


"The younger children are, the more impressionable they are, and children get led astray."


Alan Campbell, Labour MP for Tynemouth, North Tyneside, said: "The Sunday Sun is to be congratulated on raising this important issue.


"It is irresponsible to show violence, sexual images or bad language. If internet providers don't voluntarily act to tackle this, the Government should."


Peter Atkinson, Conservative MP for Hexham, Northumberland, said: "I certainly agree with your campaign.


"There needs to be tighter controls on these sites as parents will probably think it is all right for children to look at, that their kids are watching jokey videos, not watching people being attacked."


Phil Willis, Liberal Democrat MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, said: "I think it really is a shocking development from happy slapping, which is part of the mobile phone craze and has moved on one stage further from that and is a very worrying trend."


Frank Cook, Labour MP for Stockton North, Teesside, said: "I have been campaigning on this for years. I wish you every success and am fully supportive of what the Sunday Sun is trying to do."


Dr Ashok Kumar, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and east Cleveland, said: "YouTube runs the danger of letting good stuff be killed off by the bad when it allows videos like these.


"Freedom of access to the web is something we should welcome, but when it is abused in this sickening way calls for regulation will come thick and fast."


Jamie Reed, Labour MP for Copeland, Cumbria, said: "I think it is great that the Sunday Sun is taking such a strong stance on something of importance."


Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour MP for Durham City, said: "I wholeheartedly back the Sunday Sun's campaign."



Attack victims share ordeals


A group of YouTube users has made a documentary about the increase in street attacks.


The video, which lasts eight minutes and 23 seconds, features people from the region who have been victims of street violence.


The interviewees, who are not named, talk about their ordeals and how they have been affected by their experiences.


One talks about how he was assaulted - just because he is gay - after leaving a Darlington club, and another recalls how he was bundled into a car and threatened at knifepoint before being beaten up.


The narrators of the film describe it as a soap documentary which aims to improve awareness about the dramatic rise in street attacks.

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