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After starting from scratch & reloading Windows XP after a virus, I am have a few teething problems.


Registry Mechanic fires up & does a check every time I log on, how do I remove it from starting up on logging on.


I now have a Audio CD (D: ) & a CD Drive(E: ), previously I am sure I only had one CD drive, when I put a music CD in it locks my PC & does not play.


Used the same windows product key as before but a different disk, I cant get rid of Activate Windows & because of this I cant use Windows updater.


Drivers I have pretty much muddled my way through getting what I need but ran a driver scan & I may have few out of date drivers, is there any program that scans & uploads for FREE?


Cheers for any help & any additional information anyone can give me regarding getting my PC back up running.

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Guest LucaAltieri

To remove stuff from start up:


START > Run.


Type "msconfig" and hit OK.


"Start Up" tab. Untick the stuff you don't want. Close msconfig. It will then tell you to restart. Once it restarts you'll get a message (can't remember exactly what it says), check the "don't show this in future" box. Ok.


Not sure about about your drives. Have you installed any new software on there (Daemon, CloneCD)?


Windows issue; is it a legit copy you have or have we been-a-pirating?


Drivers: What model computer are you using? Do you know the type of motherboard? You might be able to find a standard set if its all common enough.

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Guest shearer_united

To address your drive(s) issues, try scanning for hardware changes in the device manager (Right Click on 'My Computer' icon>> Properties >> 'Hardware' tab >> Device Manager >> There's a small "Action" tab >> press on "Scan For Hardware Changes"


This will see for any hardware changes that took place in your system and will search for any newer updates for the specific devices, making sure they are up-to-date. ;)


Hope that helps!! :)

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Guest Lazlo

Can't registry mechanic be un-installed from add-remove programs.


Activate windows... Oem key, Retail disk, it knows the difference. There is a solution but i can't discuss it on here.


I see where luca is coming from about virtual drives. clonecd,daemontools,alcohol120% would do this. The lack of drivers on your comp maybe responsible though.


Get your mobo details manually, and download the necessary drivers, there are programs that do this for you but they're not very good.



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