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Have you seen this man?!


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Well, have you?!.....If you have DO NOT sit next to him!!!


Train defecator hunted by police


Police have released a CCTV image of the suspect


A man has been defecating in trains across south-east England, causing damage costing £60,000 to repair.


British Transport Police have released CCTV images of the man, who has struck on at least 30 trains since August.


He waits until he is alone before committing the offence, smearing excrement inside carriages.


"This is a serious public health issue as well as being exceptionally anti-social - we need to locate this man," said Det Con Donna Fox.


She said his offences had resulted in many carriages being taken out of service, causing disruption and cancellations and serious inconvenience to the travelling public.


There was also £60,000 in damage and cleaning costs.


"There is no particular pattern as to when he appears," said Ms Fox.


"He travels to various areas and at different times of the day and different days of the week.


"We have been trawling through CCTV images to try and track the man and remain hopeful that members of the public may know him and where he lives.


"On at least one occasion CCTV footage shows the man being disturbed by a passenger walking through a train.


"If anyone sees this man travelling on the railway network they should not approach him, but call the police or alert train staff immediately."



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Now we know why he's too busy to post. blueeek.gif


He's got a ticket to ride, and he don't care?


The thing that struck me about the story, apart from the obvious, was the fact that he only hits empty carriages.  Any train I've ever been on in the South East should be perfectly safe then, since you're lucky if you've got squatting room let alone the luxury of choosing where to have your Donald Trump, and which seats to smear your excrement over.


Incredible really.  I wonder if he carries his own toilet paper with him.......

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How does it cost £60,000 to clean up poop?


i bet the bloke also runs a train cleaning company


In the pub:

"Busy week ahead then mate?"

"Yeah, bitch of a week on the trains again.  Monday and Wednesday it's the full dump and rub service, Tuesday I'll be mostly wiping my arse up and down the seats a bit as it's supposed to be my day off.  Thursday and Friday I'll be cleaning the carriages up, I mean they're disgusting, it's all I can do to keep em clean"

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