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Sports Memorabilia - Sportizus

Guest prestonj1989

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Guest prestonj1989

I am just looking for any adivce on the authenticity of the products sold by the company Sportizus. Someone at my mum's work is selling an England Shirt from the Argentina match in the 2002 World Cup signed by Beckham and Owen which they originally bought from Sportizus.


I want to try and make sure it is authentic first as I have just read online that someone bought a signed Beatles item from them and found from experts that the autographs were fake. I also remember hearing at the Newcastle training ground once that the Sportizus shop was selling a signed toon shirt by Owen and Shearer that one of the two said they never signed. I have already got a signed Dyer picture from Sportizus which looks genuine but i cant be 100% sure.


If anyone has heard of any other problems with this company can you let me know.

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