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XBLA Duke Nukem 3D


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Can't be far off release...

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More details. Sounds good.




Yeah baby! Ok, so Duke Nukem 3D was the shooter for the redneck in all of us… frantic action, pig-cops for bad guys and the added feature of being able to throw money at scantily clad dancers.


So rumours have been circulating that Duke Nukem 3D is heading to XBLA very soon and though we haven’t been able to get a definite launch date, we have turned up so more info. What we have managed to uncover is a brief list of the new features being added to Duke Nukem 3D to bring it in-line with what today’s gamer is looking for in a shooter.


First off, there’s going to be at least 39 levels of action for you to unlock as you follow Duke’s return to Earth to find that alien space maggots have taken over the police force, corrupting officers and chasing after our babes. The wonderful Pipe Bomb makes a welcome return as does the brilliant Shrink Ray and Freezer… but there’s more to come.


Your score will be show on an XBLA leaderboard so your mates can see how much you rock and of course there’s a bunch of achievements to get grab too. Completely new is the ‘painless death system’, that will allow you to rewind the play back to pretty much any point in the last few minutes of play. Handy if you get your ass kicked or just if you want to play a section through a second time to try it differently. This ties in the new User Clip system which will allow you to record, upload and share your favourite Duke moments, purely for bragging rights purposes.


And finally there’s the multiplayer side with online MP co-op games and up to 8 player deathmatch… and having cut my online gaming teeth with Duke over serial cable all those years ago, I’m particularly looking forward to that one.


Anyway, that’s all we’ve managed to discover for now, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have anything else.

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It'll be out next month according to Joystiq. So that'll be yet another port out before the actual sequel.




According to a Microsoft representative at X08 in Toronto, Duke Nukem 3D will include two new features when it releases "sometime in September": a saved film and gameplay rewind feature. As explained by the rep, the rewind function allows players to rewind a portion of the game if they had a particularly enthralling firefight with LARD troops or to undo any major mistakes (e.g. including death). The saved film feature works as you would imagine, players are able to take saved clips from multiplayer and share them online with friends. With this much new content added for an Arcade release Duke Nukem might become popular again. Someone should really look into releasing a new game in that series ... oh, wait.




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Out September 24th officially, cost not confirmed.




Trailer here, details some of the new features you might not know about like the rewinding and clip recording...





Deathmatches on this are just going to be like old times. Can't wait.

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