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Do yourself a favour and download this.




So much fun, that's the Japanese version. You need to have East Asian languages installed on your PC to get it to work, and you need a Windows CD for that. (control panel > regional and language options > languages tab > tick box marked "install files for East Asian languages" > apply) Don't worry though it will translate it to English, just won't open without the files installed. You also need Windows C++ re distributable to be installed, but you can get that from Microsoft's website.


Anyway it's a Physics Simulator, and really fun to play with. For example you can create a load of fuel, and then watch it burn. Also if you have a material selected (ie. fuel, water, fire etc.) and then drag and drop a picture onto the window, it will appear as that material, so you can set Hitler on fire for example. :lol:


The Japanese version is more updated and is better, but if you can't install the language pack, the English version is here, it's just not as good.




It's free, nothing to install (unless you get errors opening it, if that's the case just make sure you have the things above and you'll be fine) , and good for wasting an hour or 2.


All other requirements are listed on the English version website (assuming you can't read Japanese.)


For some reason my CPU maxes out when it's running, but I only get lag when the whole screen is filled with water, so I'm not really sure what that's about.





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